City and the Sticks Designs

Hi there and welcome to my little slice of life.

I am Lisa and I am a wife, a mom to two littles, a DIY renovator (along with the hubs), and a ‘mompreneur’ who enjoys bringing new life to old, unwanted wood – while the kids sleep !  I stay up far too late most nights working – because living life with my babes, friends, and family is what takes my attention during the day.

My little ol’ website is in need of some lovin’ – apologies for that – but you are more than welcome to look about at what I’ve got (until I master coding and web design enough to update my site) !

If you are looking for information about my company, City and the Sticks Designs, please head over to my facebook business page www.facebook.com/cityandthesticksdesigns  There you shall find recent photos of work I’ve completed, market information, and you can contact me there if you are interested in a quote for a custom piece, or you are wishing to buy a piece I’ve already done.  Or, if you just like to hit the ‘like’ button and support local artists, like my page and share the love !  I’m appreciative of it all !

Thanks for checking out City and the Sticks.  Head on over to the blog for sporadically updated blog posts about life and renovations.  Or feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding my site or my work at designs@cityandthesticks.com



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