The Condo – Before and After

This is our condo.  Our home for just over 2 years.  The place that we left at the end of June 2012.

This was our first real step into renovating.  Our two places before had some ‘freshening’ up but the condo was a big opportunity for us.  We bought it because we were charmed by its possibilities.  And we adored bringing new life to the pinky-purple shell that we took possession of in 2009.

A lot did stay the same.  We didn’t replaced cabinets or ceilings or windows or walls or carpet.  The bones remained.

But we did cosmetic surgery.  We ripped out the main floor hardwood and carpet, installed new oak hardwood and tile.  New countertops went in throughout (they were all bubbled and lifting – which just wasn’t ok).  Tile backsplash, tub surround tiles, shower tiles, floor tiles.  New lighting.  New knobs and hinges.  New paint.  A new fireplace surround.  New appliances.  The list goes on.

And we did it on a dime.  Deal hunting.  Product researching.  Buying and selling items on  Swapping sweat equity for others’ help.  Tearing out and installing ourselves.  This is what makes renovating homes worthwhile for us.  It’s a moneymaking venture for us every time we buy and sell a house.  We enjoy seeing spaces transform.

A lot of our renovating happened while I was pregnant with Isaac.  I remember Lee ripping out the hardwood as I hauled it outside and chucked the pieces off the deck into the bin below.  In December and January.  While 4-5 months pregnant.

The counters and the tile were done when he was a wee one.  We learned that renovating with a newly mobile baby is interesting !!

Looking back – every stressful or frustrating moment was totally worth it.  Especially when we look back on the pictures.  It was a comfortable home.  Not just a house.  And it will always hold a special place in our hearts – we brought our sweet baby home to this lovely condo.


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