About Me

My Family

My name is Lisa.

I am a daughter, a sister, a cousin, a friend, a wife, a mother, a Christian.

I love God, my husband, my little man and my little miss.  I cherish my family and my friends.  I enjoy reading, renovating, writing, drinking tea, red wine, and making my house into a home.

I am good at some things and definitely not good at others.  And that’s ok.  Because I am me.  I love life and live it fully, my way, even if it’s against the grain.

City and the Sticks is the epitome of Lee and I.  Lee was born and raised in the country.  I was born and raised in the city.  He brings a natural essence into my life.  He grounds me.  Keeps things simple. He is the sticks to my city. The beauty that fills in the spaces between concrete and steel.

Together, we work.  On so many levels.

And now, we are working together, renovating our fourth home and on my new sign making business, with our sweet little man and our baby girl underfoot.  It’s interesting.  This renovation is different than any previous one we’ve ever done.  It’s bigger.  Sometimes more intimidating.  Then, tacking on my new business City and the Sticks Designs making signs out of reclaimed wood is just one extra in our full life.  But this is where we choose to be and are excited about.  Fitting everything we love into our lives, doing life while living in upheaval.

Join us on our little, haphazardly updated blog as we renovate our 1971 original bungalow on a budget, all while raising our babies, spending time with those we love, travelling, and living life our way !  Click the Follow button on the right side to get an update when new posts are up on the blog.  Or click Like on our Facebook business page to see the new products we’re excited to present !

And if you have any questions or wish to contact us, feel free to send an email to designs@cityandthesticks.com

Thanks for the love, the support, the kind words, the questions, the orders, and for stopping by !




3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi!

    I was at your booth this past weekend and tried to email you the nursery photo order however I must have got it wrong because it was sent back. What is your correct email?


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