I Can See Clearly Now

**HOUSE UPDATE !!!!!!**

I’ve been waiting a long time for this.

This piece of the puzzle has been the biggest hold up in ‘finishing’ our kitchen renovation.
And now – it is done!!


Our kitchen was installed over a year ago and Lee and I had poured over tile samples for our backsplash for a long time. We then had our tile guy, Derek, come over to quote the work and a small little question that he asked made everything grind to a halt.

“You’re planning on replacing the window, right?”
“Yup!!” [With big smiles turning slightly less toothy]
“Good – when? Because it would be a bad idea to install the tile before replacing the window.”

[Cue head smacking]

Of course. The window. We knew that all of our old, leaky, single pane windows would need to be replaced eventually but for whatever reason we didn’t think about the order of installs. Duhhh.

Or the dolla dolla bills associated with window replacing.

[Cue wallet clutching]

After a bunch of window quotes and style changes, we realized that this pricey endeavor would put the entire kitchen on hold for a bit.

And a bit ended up being over a year.

The initial quote we got was $1200 for supply and install of a new window. It blew our minds. We were scraping bits of our jaws up off the floor for weeks. We realized windows were pricey but the install was going to cost us even more than the window itself!!!

So, we decided we would tackle a window install DIY style instead, so we could “pocket” the $700 plus instead of throwing it out the proverbial window.

But $300-500 for a window was still no chump change when budget cuts had recently been made due to an addition in the fam jam and curveballs that life throws our way sometimes – so it took a long while of saving pennies for them to finally add up to somethin’ somethin’.

Which brings is to March 2014.

Kitchen window before

On one of the sunniest weekends we’ve had in the great white north lately, my dad and my man went to town removing the old window and installing the new one.

My nerves were going – quite fearful that the window we had saved for would accidentally fall and shatter – but lo and behold, all went so well you’d think they were pro’s.



I don’t even care that I have yellow spray foam as part of my kitchen decor right now. It serves as a reminder that the step I’ve been waiting for for far too long is just around the corner!!

Bring on the marble backsplash, baby!!


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