Resolving to NOT have a New Years Resolution

Happy New Year! Hello to 2014 and the wild adventures you’re sure to take us on (as wild as adventures can get as a stay at home mom with two kids can get, that is)!

So many things happened last year. More than I could keep up with at times, and definitely more than I blogged about. Can I get a round of sad looking eyes for the pitiful fact that I only blogged 8 posts in all of 2013?! Seriously, pitiful.

Yes, I’ve had my hands full (really though, who doesn’t?!). Yes, ‘being busy’ is a great excuse for not writing on a blog that is mostly read by people who already know most of the happenings in our life. And no, I’m not calling it pitiful because I’m trying to become some great blogger who writes a post a day (or even a week) who has an insanely large following (which would be cool but not the intention of me writing). But, I do find writing only a measly 8 posts sad because I enjoy writing so very much. It’s cathartic for me and it is also so very fun to look back and read posts and remember that time in my life. A life that is super full, sometimes makes me spin and ‘I can’t remember if I ate lunch or not’ kinda life.

Which leads directly into this thought that the life I’m living is a life that I love. And choose. But for 2014, I also want to choose to be better with my time. Which means less farting around, mindlessly scrolling on various social media sites (aka time suck sites), and purposefully avoiding things like cleaning and laundry and more about bringing Balance and Productivity to my life.

I’ve decided that will be my New Years ‘resolution’, folks, and a slightly atypical one at that.

But instead of calling it a resolution, I’m calling it my mindset, my focus, for this year. Not necessarily needing to eliminate anything from my life, only to fall short a few weeks in, but to be conscious of the decisions I am making every day. And to allow for it to spill over into many facets of my life.

To see the cause and effect in my decisions. To be aware. To be productive in my life (in all areas – from laundry to putting away said laundry, to feeding my kids, to blogging more than a sad 8 times in a year, to managing my newly founded business, etc!). And to be incredibly balanced while I do it.

Finding balance is one of those big toughies for plenty of folks and can only really be accomplished when being 100% present. So I readily recognize that saying ‘I’m gonna have a super balanced life’ is easier than doing, but there is so much that I yearn to do or be a part of. Which means that I need to be constantly aware of whether or not I’m twiddling my thumbs or being mindlessly unproductive versus being too busy or too rushed or too productive even, to sit down and enjoy the little things. The important things. The eternal things.

And to get you thinking… what mindset change would YOU want to work on for 2014 ?  


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