Momma of Two

Brinley Corianne was 9 days overdue when she finally made her debut on July 21st, 2013.

And since that day, my heart has grown.  It is stretched every day – with every smile, snuggle and sigh.

I used to wonder how in the world my heart would be divided between my two little people.  But it isn’t divided… the love that I have now has just been multiplied.

Now if only the time in the day would be multiplied about 10 times !  It continually blows me away when I realize how many days have passed by and how little I accomplish each day.  So, excuse me while I adjust to being a stay at home momma of a newborn and a two year old.  The projects may be fewer for the next little while, but the hilarious two year old quotes are increasing, along with our adventures as a family of 4.  So, please stay posted 🙂

Isaac Quotes

“Goodness gracious, child !”

“Mommy, baby Brinley is crying ?  Again ?  She cries lots, and lots, and lots, and lots, and lots, and LOTS !”

“Hi !  I’m Isaac.  I’m TWO !  And two months !”


Coming Soon – Brinley’s birth story 🙂

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