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Every Friday morning I check off another week of my 40 week pregnancy. This Friday marked 34 weeks which means I’ve been ushered into and well into my 8th month of preggo-ville, for those of you who don’t speak weekly pregnancy countdowns πŸ˜‰

It is absolutely insane how fast this pregnancy seems to be going. I chalk it up to being a busy momma who spends time reading, jumping, running, and playing with my little dude. We talk about the baby in mommy’s tummy lots. Isaac loves to snuggle up and talk to baby and give it kisses.

I know he’ll be an amazing big brother. He is already so full of love for the baby and I am so looking forward to seeing the two of them interact and grow up together.

This little baby C has definitely proven to be its own little person. My pregnancy has been entirely different this go around. It makes Lee and I wonder if we’ll be welcoming a little gal to our brood because so many things are different. (We’re waiting until D-day to find out though, so for now we just have our guesses).

I’m much more teary at things that never would’ve affected me before. My face has no lovely baby glow and my hair is not as supple. Makes me think, if it is a little miss, then the old wives tales of ‘baby girls steal your beauty’ may actually have some merit!

Granted, time and time again I’ve been reminded that every pregnancy is different. In other words, don’t bank on anything!

I’m also carrying much lower and much smaller. By this time in my pregnancy with Isaac, I was nearly double the size! It’s true, I’m not sitting at a desk all day – instead, I’m dancing to kiddie music, imitating gorillas, pulling wagons to the park, running around the zoo, and chasing after balls that my dear son found accessible at the store.

As with Isaac, I’m enjoying pregnancy. Sure, the barfing for 4.5 months this time around wasn’t awesome, but ultimately, it’s an honor to be able to be pregnant.

Please excuse the sentimental mess to ensue. Babies just melt my heart and this go around I do find myself a little more mushy and a little more sappy…

I look forward excitedly to being a momma of two of God’s precious little people. To each stage of life – even the days where getting maybe four hours of sleep in a night is a reality. Frankly, I do my very best to enjoy the late night snuggles. And when I don’t, I try to remind myself that it won’t last for forever and to relish those little moments.

I look forward to meeting our little one for the first time. And I really look forward to getting to nurture, provide, and watch this little person grow up.

Seeing Isaac grow up before my eyes, while taking in what every day brings, is something I cherish and can’t wait to do with the next wee person joining us.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, yes, I do wear rose colored glasses and often forget block out the tough days. It’s only because the good days always make the awful ones go away.

July will be a fun time. When everything I know will shift again.

So, until then, I plan on setting up the kiddie pool to soak my sure-to-be-swollen feet. I plan to run and jump and tickle and carry and snuggle Isaac as much as I can – before and after baby. I plan on continuing being crazy-pregnant-lady-nesting in preparation for baby. I’m going to try to be kind to myself in the realm of weight gain/weight loss because frankly, that’s not the stuff that matters.

And I’m going to continue to prepare my heart for the love it’s going to be overwhelmed with for yet another person.

I sometimes wonder how my heart will be able to love another little person as much as I love Isaac. After confiding in a good friend who has multiple kiddos, she told me “Your love isn’t divided – it’s multiplied!”

Of course I do have my moments, wondering how in the world I’m going to manage two wee dependents. Isaac and I have a great routine and I am so not sure how baby will fit into that.

I know some things with Isaac will have to change. I’m just not sure how… Like rocking him to sleep at nap times. And at bedtime. As much as I love those moments, I’m not going to be able to just leave baby in the living room while I put Isaac to sleep. So for now, I bask in those times. In what I know as my current reality.

And when baby comes along, and my reality changes again, I’m sure we’ll figure it out. We’ll fly by the seat of our pants, guessing and testing options. Tweaking life. Finding out what works and what sure as heck doesn’t.

Yes – life will be different. But as I’m often reminded of as I look at my life, I love different. I love what life with kids looks like. Every day begins anew and I am incredibly thankful for my support system and my God, who renews me daily.

So bring it on, baby! We are incredibly unprepared in a physical, tangible, material sense but absolutely prepared to hold you and love you and parent you and smother you and live life as a family with you in it!


Now, any guesses on whether you think girl or boy? Or when baby will make its debut?

Noteworthy pointers:

  • Boys run strong in Lee’s family
  • Isaac often talks about baby as his sister. Does he have toddler intuition?
  • The heartbeat has always been 150 bpm or lower (Isaac’s was always 168 bpm)
  • Baby’s due date is July 12th
  • I’ve been having crazy amounts of Braxton Hicks contractions for 15+ weeks
  • Isaac was 5 days overdue
  • Lee is scared of becoming a major softie if we have a girl πŸ˜‰

2 thoughts on “Baby Musings

  1. Girl! Girl! Girl! But if it is a boy I will love him just as much! Can’t wait to meet another Baby Cysouw

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