Tick Tock …

Ah… the age old adage “time is flying”.

The clock is ticking louder and louder and I’ve been feeling crazy person urges to get majorly organized and ready for baby.

Today begins week 32 out of 40.  Which means only 8 weeks left.  9 max if my OB allows me to go overdue before the pre-booked c-section at 41 weeks.  And with my OB talking about trying to ‘get things started’ by 37 weeks, technically I could only have 5 weeks to go.  CRAZY.

32 Weeks

Armed with that info, I feel like my brain is going into nesting mode.   Must. Prepare. For. Baby.

Insert huge cleaning sprees, selling off items on Kijiji that have been sitting around collecting dust, accumulating new items, and mentioning to Lee on a daily basis how there isn’t much time left.

As part of this round of nesting, I’ve gone into semi-panic mode about getting the baby’s room set up.  Isaac is sleeping so amazingly well in his crib that I haven’t switched him over to a ‘big boy bed’.  (Frankly, I value all the sleep I can get and am not prepared to give it up for an early transition).  Which means his crib will stay in his room for now.  Which also means that I’ve been on the hunt for a crib to borrow in the meantime.  Thank goodness for wonderful friends as a crib and a bassinet have already been offered up.  I can’t wait to get things in place.  Truly.

The flurry of semi-panic mode included an immediate need to remove every item from the guest-room-soon-to-be-baby-room.  Everything.  Goodbye bed and random items that were thrown into the closet for hoarding safekeeping.  And hello need for closet painting.

It was a disaster.  Scuff marks and old, chippy, tan/faded khaki walls, and multiple cobwebs were what I was greeted with.  It was gross. And when a pregnant lady gets something in her mind about things that need to be done, they get done.  STAT.

I scrubbed the walls with a warm, soapy washcloth and hauled out the paint and set up shop (with great ventilation and no-VOC paint – so do not fret).  The walls and ceiling in the closet needed two solid coats of paint.  I used the same paint as the room walls, Skeptic by General Paint.  My favorite wall colour in the light gray spectrum.  And then, I got adventurous.

I had received some pregnant lady mini magazine that had the cutest nursery in it.  They had transformed the closet into the changing station/storage area.  Brilliant !  I can’t find a picture of it online anywhere, but I was totally inspired and 100% set on creating the same set up.  With a little pizzazz to boot.  Which led to me painting two toned stripes in the closet.  Yep.  And I am officially in ‘proud pregnant lady heaven’ over my accomplishment.

It’s not perfect.  Not all of my lines ended up exactly 8″ tall.  But I think it’s just right.  I’m a first timer and totally converted to the painted-line side.

I hit up Pinterest and found a cute tutorial from Little Green Notebook’s blog.

I determined how tall the wall was in the closet.  Just shy of 96″.  Divided that by 8 – the same size as the stripes on LGN, and got 12.

I then marked out 12 – 8″ sections on either side of the closet, starting from the floor up.  This is probably where some of the trouble started… I may not have been consistent in my measuring tape / pencil marking skills.  C’est la vie.

After that, it was time to apply my painters tape.  Because the closet is 5 feet wide, it would’ve been smart to ask Lee for help.  Oh hindsight !  Because my taping skills aren’t exactly dead on, this is probably where some of the other inconsistencies started.  But once it’s all set up and decorated, no one will be able to tell.  Hopefully !


Painter's Tape lines

It looks like the sections are different sizes, but after the tape is removed, you’ll see that I have 8 (or so) inch sections in Turbo and in Skeptic.  I promise !

Tape on.  Time to ‘seal’ the tape by painting Skeptic on the top and bottom of the 8″ sections where the darker paint would go.

Sealing the tape for crisp lines

This was supposed to prevent any ‘bleeding’ thru of the darker colour.  My fingers were crossed.

After that paint was dry, I foam rolled Turbo (by General Paint, which I had leftover from the main living areas.  Which, by the way, is on the same paint chip two tones down) on the sections that I wanted darker.  Twice, to ensure good coverage.

Turbo painted lines

After my last roll, I held my breath and started peeling off the paint.  Pure relief followed.  The lines were perfect.  Crisp.  Just like the tutorial said it would be.  And it seriously took maybe 2 hours – not including drying time.  Small time investment with a high impact result.

Next up, baseboard and then decorating and adding shelving and a little change table station !

I stood back and actually did a happy dance and patted myself on the tummy back.  And you can be sure that I brought every single person that came over into that room to ogle it.  And I texted pictures to some friends.  And I often find myself in the baby room at random times of the day just staring.

Finished product

I’m truly so excited to continue prepping and setting up baby C’s room.  It’s going to have a bit of a ‘nature’ theme to it.  Leaves and birds and owls and handmade wooden mobiles and natural textiles and hits of turquoise.  That’s how I see it in my head so it’ll be interesting to see the finished product.

Man, I wish I knew how to create mood boards so that I could create a visual example of my baby room vision.  Regardless, I’ll be sure to update the old bloggy blog with some photos of a more completed space.

Until next time !


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