Overdue Updates

Yeah – we’ve been off the grid as far as updating the ol’ bloggy blog goes.  Apologies.  I’ve been focusing my spare time mostly on completing my copywriting/content writing projects, which are paying projects, so the blog has suffered.  And man, have I missed writing.

With a lack of writing, there has also been a lack of renovating though… sadly.  We accomplished so much before January that we were feeling a little tired.  And our pocketbooks were feeling the burn too.  So basically, we’ve been doing little projects to keep us moving forward but nothing crazy drastic.

We painted the entire main floor in January – covering up the aged taupe walls with a fabulous brown gray called Turbo from General Paint.  The first swipes of paint caused a little swoon in me.  No joke.  After having some painting … experiencesthat caused me to never want to paint again, this paint totally excited me all over again.  The picture looks a little purple… it isn’t.  But it’s definitely a colour that transforms in different light.

Turbo Wall Colour

Yes, I am slightly nutty… a beautiful paint colour makes me sigh and causes a bit of giddiness.  Judge away.

In February, we started the hunt for our future tile purchases.  Frankly, we wanted to take our time and not rush into a decision because our kitchen has a lot of layers, what with a two tone off-white perimeter cabinet colour vs. chocolate brown island combo, a black perimeter granite vs. a fabulous eye catching island granite.  I really wanted something that would blend but not be lost.  And I reaaally really wanted something marble for our backsplash.

While tile hunting, we were also keeping in mind our front entry tile, back entrance landing tile, and the in-lay tiled hearth by our fireplace.  All things to consider.

Lo and behold, heading to our favourite tile store, The Tile Shoppe, proved to be an inspiring trip.  I found so many options that could possibly suit our kitchen.  Isaac was my little tile helper.  He followed behind me, examining every tile sample after I had, arms crossed.  Touching the ones I touched.  Mmm hmmming options.  Nothing but hilarious from that kid.

I took a butt load of pictures so that Lee and I could mull over the options together.  The Tile Shoppe only has so many take home samples, so pictures would have to suffice until we could go together.

Tile options

Tile Options


Tile options

The next trip was when we pulled our favourites together.  Lee and I had somewhat differing tastes for our tile selection but thankfully we were able to narrow it down to one favourite each and they had samples that we could put next to our cabinets.

Tile Combos

And yes, my favourite one won !!  It was a no brainer once we got home that my first choice (and his second) was the clear winner.

Marble Backsplash Winner

However… that specific tile was on back order until who knows when.  With one exception.  The Edmonton store had just enough stock.

So, yeah.  I begged my sweet momma to go there as soon as she possibly could to snatch up 45 square feet of the absolutely stunning marble back splash.  Seriously, thanks mom !  I was freaking out when I had heard we maybe couldn’t get it because it felt like this tile was calling me by name.  Like, first, middle, and last name – I HAD to have it.  Does anyone else get these weird ‘connections’ with renovating materials !?  No ?  Just me !?!  Hmm… embarrassing…

We have a meeting with our tile guy this Friday to get a quote for the back splash.  At this point, that’s all the tile we’ve ordered, but we’ve also picked out the tile we want to do in the entrances and on the in-lay hearth.  And they aren’t going anywhere stock wise.  Don’t worry – I checked and then double checked !  The name of this renovating game has been to save our pennies until we have enough for each project and to not get ahead of ourselves.  Which is super easy to do.

Now, for the handy motivating To Do List based on things that we’ve been putting off/have the materials already purchased:

  • Fawn over back splash tiles tonight
  • Confirm Friday’s appointment with Derek from Bosch Tile for tile install quotes
  • Hopefully book an install date
  • Price out new shingles for the garage as sadly, this is their last season with us and has become an ASAP project.  Boo.
  • Finish painting the closet doors from our walk in closet and the baby room/guest room closet – yeah, they’ve been up for months primed but not painted.  Tisk tisk.
  • Finish dapping and doing paint touch ups on the master bedroom and baby room/guest room baseboards.
  • Do paint touch ups throughout
  • Install baseboards and door casings and door headers
  • Do second coat of paint in living room

Then there is the Impending Project List once our wee To Do List is completed, which really is a list that goes on and on:

  • Repair brick mortar at the bottom of the fireplace (Lee ripped out the raised tile hearth last week and there are 5 bricks that need some love).  Oh, by the way, we are keeping the bricks and the wood burning fireplace.  $6000+ for stone and a gas fireplace was a wee bit stiff… so we’re updating what we’ve got instead !
  • Paint the brass fireplace trim
  • Stain the bricks with a concrete stain
  • Finish the hardwood in front of the fireplace and install the tile in-lay hearth
  • Find/build a mantle for the fireplace.  Do we ever have some cool ideas !!
  • Texture the main floor living space ceiling
  • Install pot light covers
  • Etc etc etc !!!

So – stay tuned.  I have so many posts that I want to write, so hopefully I can pull them out on a weekly basis !  Writing about reno projects, big or small, have gotten me excited again.


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