Kitchen Cabinet Reveal

Ok. So, I’m way behind the eight ball here but our kitchen cabinets were installed approximately a month ok, two months ago. Yup. And our granite counters were installed about 2 weeks after that. Which leaves a lot of time in between of major slacking on my shoulders for not sharing more than just one Facebook/Instagram photo.

Tut tut.

I suppose one could add the flurry of Christmas, a flu bug, and a continuation of morning all day sickness into the mix as to why updates are slow to be shared. Oh, and I also started a contract position writing content for a graphic design firm. Add in corresponding with the cabinet company, the rewiring of our house and hosting friends and family… things have been busy busy. So, I take back the tut tut that I tutted to myself. I’m a busy gal and too often these days I’m just finding less and less time. You can say that I’m looking forward to a slightly less chaotic 2013.  Haha… says the girl who is going to be adding a new baby into the mix in July.

A girl can dream right?!?

Anyway, without any further ado, I present to you photos starting at the beginning of our renovations to the current state of our kitchen transformation, cabinet close ups and granite counters!!

This was our view from the front door… when there were multiple walls, a formal dining room in the middle of the house, and it was a maze to get to the kitchen.

The view from the front door

So, after confirming that none of the walls were load bearing, we started taking them down.

Taking out walls

We moved the final standing wall 2 feet over to the left to open up more space by the window after removing the existing cabinetry.  And then we started tearing out carpets and started putting in our new hardwood.

Cabinet & Floor Tear Out

The start of hardwood install

Hardwood is in, potlights installed, and the walls and ceiling drywalled in preparation for new cabinets !  This also meant having absolutely zero kitchen access.  Linen closets, front closets and boxes were full of everything that belonged in the kitchen… I can’t even express how much anticipation there was for the new cabinets to be installed and for life to resume to normalcy.  Or something that resembled normalcy…

Ready for cabinets !

Erik from Signature Kitchens installing the cabinets.  A wee bit insane… but it always gets worse before it gets better.

Cabinet install time !

A fuzzy shot of the installed cabinets !

Cabinets installed

Cricket white cabinets on the perimeter and our long handled hardware on the doors.  In love !!

Perimeter cabinet colour and handles

Our 8 foot by 6 foot chocolate maple island, to contrast the perimeter.  Gotta love a bit of contrast !  The island will eventually seat 6.  Also in the island are two side storage cupboards and the portion you see has a big hole on the left for the built in microwave, the garbage and recycling pull out cupboard, and more pots and pans drawers.

Island colour

6 big, burly men later, we had our granite pieces in place and installed.  Helllooooo dolly.

Island granite

With countertops on, the kitchen was looking like a kitchen again !  TAAA DAAAA !

Kitchen !


Still to come, a full kitchen reveal once some other things happen.

You know, things like the selection and installation of some amazing tile backsplash, the installation of our new stainless steel appliances, and a new wall colour (it’s already been painted on the other walls on the main floor, and it was first coat love !  Shout out to Tam and Dustin for doing the second coat while Lee, Isaac and I gallavant around in Houston over the past couple weeks).

Oh, other things on the docket are curtains, baseboards, door casing, the eventual demolition of the brick fireplace, the install of a gas insert fireplace, new stonework, and the completion of hardwood floors.

Less chaotic. Haha. Right.


2 thoughts on “Kitchen Cabinet Reveal

  1. Oh my gosh that is sooooo beautiful! Thanks for sharing…..and I’m inspired. If you can live through renos like that, I can’t complain about no sinks for a couple days and icky backslashes for a month. Haha! 😉

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