The Next Big Project

First of all, a belated Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you !  I hope that it was an extremely special time of family, friends, laughter, love, and celebrating of the birth of Christ !  Our Christmas this year was incredible, albeit a little stressful at times, considering we told our families that we wanted to host Christmas and everyone who came in from out of town.  So fun.  So crazy.  And  Oy.

Now, as the New Year hit, it seemed logical to look forward in planning out our next big project.

Sometimes I feel like we are crazy people and should probably take some time to rest and revel in what we have accomplished.  But, that’s not really our jam.  What’s life without a little chaos, right ?!

With the bedrooms mostly done, a kitchen semi-complete, hardwood floors 98% finito, we’ve been looking at the docket and figuring out what else we can squeeze in.

And yeah, I realize I haven’t given any sort of an update with the kitchen.  Tisk tisk on me.

You see, I just need to clean and organize the kitchen a bit more so that I can take pictures so that we can show off all of the kitchen progress.

I will say, not that this will really tide you over, but we are growing deeply in materialistic love with the kitchen and have been keen on (but haven’t really started) planning out what kind of tile backsplash will complete the space.  And finding the pendant lights that will look best over the island.  I did however pick out and purchase the main floor living area paint and we’re hoping to tackle project bring-refreshing-and-newness-to-the-walls shortly.

But that’s not our big BIG project.


I told Lee when he proposed that life with me would never be boring. That it would be quite the adventure. And that has definitely proven to be true over the last 6 years that we’ve been hitched.  (Poor guy probably didn’t fully comprehend what I meant, but he’s sure figuring out how un-boring and adventurous life can be/get!) Now, as we’re taking on the biggest home reno we’ve ever done, with our precious little dude underfoot, we thought it would be fun to add a little somethin’ somethin’ to the mix.

Of course we’re considering things like fixing up the exterior and doing a full overhaul of the fireplace.  But those things aren’t exactly front runners at the moment.




Isaac was informed of his impending big brother status come summer time and loves talking about ‘BABY’ although I’m quite sure he has no idea what that really means !  Shoot, I’m not even sure I remember what life with a newborn really is like either.  Something happened awhile back.  Amnesia and rose coloured glasses, I think.

The little babe has been cooking for 13 weeks already and we I couldn’t be more ready for what is hopefully a glorious 2nd trimester.  Let’s just say that I’m not as lucky as some other preggo ladies… and that the past couple of months have been a wee bit rough.  And not just because we were living periodically with and without a kitchen, floors, or any semblance of order for some time.  Although that stuff did maybe add to the nastiness that yours truly has been experiencing with our special little DIY project 😉

But, the bad is always outweighed by the amazing goodness that is a sweet, precious, tiny little person that is growing like crazy and will be here in about 189 days.

We’re pumped about this 2012-2013 ‘project’ more than anything else that we’ve taken on so far in this house.  And it was more than fun to watch our family members’ reactions when they found out over Christmas that there is a little pea-sized Cysouw joining the family.  I only wish we had taken a video of some of the reactions.  Priceless !

Amidst house updating, you will likely also be bombarded by baby updates.  Just a forewarning.  I’ll try not to whine or say gross things.  I may however share personally embarrassing stories about how my normally level-headed, rational, even-keeled self has morphed into what can only be described as a slightly hormonal, emotionally charged cry-baby crazy lady.  And if you know me at all, you probably also know that prior to 3 months ago, that I almost never cried at anything real-life.  And Lee called me an emotional robot.  So this is weeeeiirdd territory for me.  Yay hormones !

And yay for 2013.  I have an inkling that this will be one heckuva year !

15 thoughts on “The Next Big Project

  1. Congrats with your pregnancy, hope you feel better soon. Love your blog. Can’t wait till your next update. Happy new year to you and your family

  2. Very exciting! ….good luck with the rest of the pregnancy and completing those upstairs renos in the meantime. I can’t imagine having done *anything* in my first 20 weeks of pregnancy with our wee man, so I am hugely impressed that you guys have the kitchen almost finished and hardwood in, too! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing updated photos!

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