I’m gonna let you in on a little secret.

When I don’t post for awhile, it is because things have gone crazy nutso busy at our house. Just so ya know.  Basically, we sometimes fall off the face of the earth to complete projects and start others and Lee and I become hermits and we feel a little left out from life in general.

That and sometimes I’m really terrible at time management.

However, those times when we’re holed up in our house also means that we’ve truly accomplished so much. Or things just keep going wrong and we have to fix our mistakes. Either or.  Although I personally would prefer to be on the accomplishing side of things all the time. However as of late, at least when it came to paint, we’ve been dealing with a whole lot of ‘paint then repaint’ because I’ve hated how it turned out or the colour or the finish.  Etc.

Typically I don’t mind painting. It’s the quickest and cheapest reno project to undertake. Key word = Typically.




Lately, with every single painting project, I’ve been running up against just a few ‘challenges’ and I’ve never been more ready to throw in the roller than now. Especially because I’m the painter. Lee despises painting and avoids it like the plague. He would rather work up in the attic then paint. I think he’s out to lunch but to each their own.

I was super pumped to have chosen THE paint for our room and for Isaac’s room and I quickly got at painting our walls.

After the first coat, I wasn’t loving the result but I followed up with the second coat because I’m eternally hopeful and wanted to really give it a good run for its money.

We used Placid by General Paint in our condo master bedroom. A color I thought was tried and true for us. However it was looking superduper blue. I thought it was the blue drop sheet in the room so I took it out. Alas, still blue. So I decided to sit on it. See if it grew on me.

Yeah. No.



However I had chosen the colour so I figured I needed to live with it.  Until I painted the closet walls.

I had used up so much of the Placid that I didn’t have enough to do the closet. And since Placid and Monday Morning were oh-so-close, I started painting with Monday Morning in the closet. I didn’t think there’d be much of a difference.

Ah, ignorance.

As I’m painting and looking out into the room from the closet, I began wondering if my eyes were playing tricks on me. Monday Morning, was looking a lot like what I would’ve pictured Placid to turn out like.

So I did what any sane person would do and jumped to the conclusion that the paint clerk wrote the wrong names on the cans in an effort to sabotage me. I sadly have text messages sent to friends of me blaming the paint store. So naturally, I head to said paint store, cans in tow. Slightly ticked as my painting times are limited to when Isaac is sleeping. How dare they waste my time writing the wrong names on the cans. This is a disaster.

Why don’t we skip right to the part where my logic was thrown out of the window ?  I mean, what do I know, really? After stating my complaint, the manager of the General Paint put dabs on the swatches and dried them and … no one but me had screwed up.

Cue the embarrassment and red cheeks and me stuttering along not knowing what to say. I mean, I was convinced that it was a “it’s not me, it’s you – so give me a whole different colour pleaseandthankyou” scenario. However, the errors of my eyes were made clear and I opted for a new color because truly, I couldn’t stand Placid on my walls anymore.

Thanks eyeballs.

Coincidentally, after looking at what the ‘make up’ of the new chosen colour was and being assured that there would be more brown than blue, I went with the appropriately named paint color Skeptic.

Skeptic paint swatch


Skeptic made me a believer though.  Don’t confuse that with being a Bielieber though (isn’t that what pre-teen girls obsessed with the Biebs call themselves?! I’m officially out of touch).  Skeptic is glorious. It’s the gray I was looking for all along and I luuurve it.




Paint-astrophe Case #1 – remedied via two new coats.  

Total coats of paint = 4

Having the room painted meant that we could move our bed into the room.  Which became it’s own little story itself (Reader’s Digest version – our old bed frame was was too substantial in size.  Therefore, I sold it on kijiji in 2 days!).

So our mattresses had the privilege of moving in sans bedframe but it still meant we could finally sleep in our own room.  You see, there had been so much sanding and mudding in the closet that the dust would’ve taken over our lives.  But, the closet was done and the walls were painted Monday Morning.  Which meant Lee could finally then build our closet shelves.

If you really want a break down of the building process of the shelves, please let me know.  Otherwise you get to use your imaginations again, people.  There are so many other cool projects I need to write down and a closet that took 4 months seems minor now in comparison.




Shelves were built in two days using good one side plywood.  It looked good.  Albeit a little rough, but Lee and I both figured the paint would even out any roughness.  So, I pulled out my brushes and rollers and my Monday Morning paint and went to town.  Two coats.  Still rough.  I thought maybe it was the paint and decided to go with a melamine cabinet paint for a super smooth finish.  Two coats there.  The stuff went on like water.  Aka what a waste o’ time.

I felt like I wasn’t catching any breaks.  And I was more than done with the closet project.  Like, 3 months ago.  So my patience for painting a bajillion nooks and crannies in the closet was wearing thin.  Thinner than the crap melamine paint.  (I should’ve given a disclaimer at the beginning maybe ?!  This isn’t a happy lovey dovey renovation post.  This is a this project sucked balls and I’m so glad it’s done post).  So I returned the paint to Totem – bringing along a shelf that looked like a streaky window after a really bad clean – just a film of a mess.  I told the dude that I wanted to very best paint that they had for coverage.  I didn’t care what it cost (lo and behold, it was significantly cheaper than the melamine paint) because I was sick of painting.

In the meantime, I informed Lee that he needed to sand every single wooden surface in the closet because the wood was still rough after 4 coats of paint.

I digress.

I started painting with the new, high end paint and it was like watered down water.  Please don’t picture me fuming.  It’s not a pretty sight.

The next day I went back to Totem and the lady at the paint desk spotted my problem immediately.  I was given a Deepbase paint that is meant to be tinted a dark colour.  Not meant for a stark white finish.  Thankfully she swapped the can with what I should’ve been given and I left.  Not before uttering threats below my breath… if this can of paint didn’t do the trick…

Fast forward to that evening when I started painting.  Angels flapped and rainbows shone.  The stuff covered nicely on the newly sanded shelves.  All was good in the world again.  Two coats on the shelves later and one more coat of Monday Morning on the walls, I was calling the closet done.




Almost.  Lee then installed baseboard and door casing and a header and capped every shelf, which then needed to be dapped and painted.  BUT – after all of that, I was DONE !!!  In every single way possible.  Le sigh.

Thankfully the closet looks great and I finally have a place to put my clothes.  Oh, and Lee too.  He got some space. haha  We wasted no time loading that sucker up to the gills with our clothes.  It never felt so good to unpack although we both ended up with a donation pile of 2 large garbage bags full of clothes that either didn’t fit or we just didn’t wear anymore.

Paint-astrophe Case #2 – remedied via sanding shelves and using the absolute best paint Totem offered  

Total coats of paint = 4 on the walls and 7 on the shelves (SEVEN !!!!! That closet will never see another paint brush as long as I live. Here. Period.)

Isaac’s room was painted the next day with General Paint’s Silver Lining.  Initially I was not a fan – again, something with the blue seeping thru – but I have come to really love it and think it is perfect for his room.  And frankly, I really really reeallly didn’t feel like repainting a room.


Isaac's Room - Silver Lining
Paint-astrophe Case #3 – determined to be just fine  
Total coats of paint = 2 🙂   Favourite room thus far

2 thoughts on “Paint-astrophe

  1. Hello! I am having a HARD time choosing a grey for our brand new home. I painted it a “Tulle White” from Home Depot and nope…. Soooo blue. Back to the drawing board. I love the Skeptic you posted but when I painted a sample of it on my wall it looks much much much darker than yours does. Do you know if this is common? I’m scared to paint all over again and it’s too dark!! Any advice would be much appreciated as I need to decide by tomorrow lol

    • Ugh, re-painting a room stinks and is really nerve wracking when choosing a new color for sure. I found that the wall color underneath threw my eye at first but once I had over half of a wall done, I knew Skeptic was our color. So, if possible, I would try to paint a decent section and to look at it in different lights as colors change from morning, noon, to night.
      When I was at the paint store I asked specific questions about the color make up – how much green went in vs brown which helped me land on Skeptic.
      It was the lightest color on the swatch but you could always ask about making it lighter and looking at a sample. I also always taped paint samples to plain white paper so that I could see undertones and then I walked around the room and looked at it in different lights. After painting a whole room, I was nervous in picking out a new color but I’m happy to report that I still am so pleased with it.

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