Buzz Kill

My how quickly things change.

Just like how my yard went from green grass to wintery white, so has our kitchen plan gone from done like dinner to hold your horses, back up back up, stop the presses, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

Just before I went to pick up my Auntie Deb from the airport last Tuesday in San Diego, I read an email from Kaili at Signature Kitchens who had heard that The Granite Shop was out of business.

Yup. The same business that we had just paid our 50% deposit to 4 days prior.

Cue me freaking out. Then, cue me frantically emailing Lee.


I guess Patrick had tried calling my cell and had left a message to call him – however, lo and behold, I had shut off my phone to save on any possible roaming charges while in the States. So we sat in the dark for a couple of days – which made it a bit scarier on the money side of things.

A saving grace was that we had paid our deposit with our MasterCard and after chatting with Lee and hearing the story, MasterCard fully refunded our money.

However, now we have a kitchen that’s due to arrive anytime after November 23rd and no countertops in sight.


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