Pinterest Challenge: Harvesting Creativity

There has been a distinct crispness in the air recently.
And even more recently, a white crispness that has fallen from the sky and is currently covering every single fall-like object outdoors.
And white crispness usually makes people think Christmas. But it’s still too early to think about that, in my opinion.
Consider me in a state of denial.
So I’m dragging out the fall season in our house for a little while. Because fall is just too dang short in our lovely province of Alberta. I love fall. In the words of my Auntie Tez, I ‘puffy heart’ fall. The colors, the cool bite in the air that isn’t quite winter but it most definitely means summer is gone. The crunch of leaves. And their smell. The scarves and the sweaters and the boots. And the decor!
My friend, Amy, has the cutest house and even cuter decor and style. Her home oozes warmth and beauty. Every spot is filled. Not in a clutter way at all but in a thoughtfully decorated kind of way. We had coffee a few weeks back at her place and I was so inspired to bring a little fall and a little decoration to my crazy, in-the-midst-of-being-renovated house.
I had yet to hang a picture or put a centerpiece anywhere. No kitschy knick-knacks anywhere. No nothin’.
My house does however consistently have a lot of drywall dust and wood chips and hanging outlets chillin’ about, but that’s not exactly cute, nor welcoming. Nor sanitary. I do my best, people. A toddler and renovating is exhausting. Especially for someone who hated doesn’t enjoy (but now is forced into) vacuuming every square inch of this house on a near daily basis. I deserve a medal or something.  That’s real progress.
What better way to welcome someone in than to make a wreath, I tell myself. I suppose dusting helps too, but making a wreath sounded like a heckofalot more enjoyable. And because I only invite people over who don’t judge me (in front of me, at least) about the disaster when I can’t muscle up the energy to haul my fancy schmancy Dyson out (hey, if I have to vacuum, I should at least have a cool vacuum), it was a great excuse reason to build me a festively fall-ish wreath.
One of my absolutely favourite bloggers, Katie Bower, created a fun things called a Pinterest Challenge – which encourages people who pin things to actually DO it.  This fabulous preggo chick teamed up with Sherry, from Young House Love, another majorly amaaaazing blogger FYI, and co-hosts Sarah from The Ugly Duckling House, and Carmel from Our Fifth House.
Sooo, I decided to join in and pinned some ideas on Pinterest.
Like this wreath that led over to this Etsy shop.
Fall wreath
And this fabulous, crazy, wild wreath that made my heart pitter patter – however I couldn’t find it on the blog that it was linked to.
fall wreath
However everything seemed to require a wreath base. And I was too cheap to buy one. Ok – that’s a lie, I couldn’t find any at the dollar stores close by so I opted to do the next best thing and made my own base. Making my wreath-ing cost a solid $3.  Yay dollar store fakey flowers.
To make my own base, on a whim, I grabbed the large black garbage bag that was hanging out in my garage containing a ton of driftwood sticks that my cousin, Charla, helped me collect while camping this summer.  I had NO CLUE how or even if it would work… but I decided I would make a deconstructed, square-ish kind of wreath. Something earthy and different. And free!! And… a shape that I didn’t even pin.  Hopefully that still qualifies… haha
I ended up making two, actually. The basis was the same – make a base out of driftwood pieces and fill’er up.
So I did.
I had no idea what they would look like and really didn’t go in with any specific plan. I just put my thinking brain on the shelf and let my creative, right brain take over until it decided it was done. So much so, that I didn’t take a single picture during the process.  Blogging faaaail.
I arranged the sticks immediately into a square shape and from there, everything clicked.
To solidify the base, I wrapped a buttload of twine around the corners. Lots. And I must say, I’m impressed with the bases general sturdiness.
Then I started laying out my ‘items’.
Once I was pleased with the general look, I took to hot glueing the whole thang down. I only burnt myself 9 times in the making of these wreaths. That glue is freaking hot!!!
This is wreath número uno.
My materials included fakey flowers from the Dollar Store, fakey leaves, some pine cones from my front yard, burlap fabric, twine and a hot glue gun. And of course, my driftwood.
And this is my secondary wreath.
Once you pop, you just can’t stop. Right, Lay’s?! Obviously the same goes with wreath making. It’s like crack for decor DIYers. If I start asking you to ‘wreath’ with me, send help. Arrange an intervention. Take away my hot glue gun.
Until a bit closer to Christmas. Everyone needs a Christmas wreath!!!
This time I used leafy branches from various plants around my yard and in my garden. I don’t know what they’re called but I sure do like the look of them hanging out together. Oh, and I used Amy’s extra fake Chinese Lanterns for the hit of orange.
Honestly, I was on such a plant cutting spree that I so wanted to run to my neighbors house to cut off a few pieces of their bush. Amy will attest to that. She probably thought I was am such a weirdo. I was plotting the whole thing out and pining over the fact that they were on private property and not on mine. Every time I look out my front window, I start imagining a new wreath. The leaves have such a firey red to them. Oh, the beauty.
Is it shameful that I’ve found a bush with the same beautiful red leaves that are partially on private public property and that I’ve totally scoped it out to see if I can cut off a few branches?! I’m resisting the urge.
Must not make any more wreaths for a couple of weeks.
What do you think of my babies wreaths? They are totally different than your average, run of the mill wreath and that’s why I love them.
Hey, maybe I could sell wreaths for a living. Then I could wreath it up whenever I wanted! The perfect excuse to continue a semi-obsessive hobby. It would be almost cooler than scrapbooking. Which I don’t do, but I hear people have parties and its super-de-duper awesome.
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