This reno just got real !  Like, big buckeroonies, empty out my bank account real.

I don’t know if it has hit us yet… but this morning we put a 50% deposit on our granite counter tops and a 50% deposit on our kitchen cabinets and hardware.   We’re decided. And committed. And now there are no more changes allowed.

We went to Modial Granite this morning with Patrick from the Granite Shop to pick out our slabs.  We had an idea on what we wanted our counters to look like so we were able to narrow down our faves really easily.  After our first go around of the entire shop, we had 3 slabs that we were interested in.  As we went back for a second look, we immediately agreed on THE ONE !  It’s called Bianca … something… I’m horrible at remembering product names.  But I know that I love it.  And so does Lee.  And it will work fabulously with our island cabinet color.  We decided to do Black Pearl granite for the perimeter of our cabinet countertops… give a little two tone love to our kitchen.

Our inspiration for our kitchen came from the below picture, which really resonated with both Lee and I.  We were doing a lot of perusing on and although our Kitchen Ideabook has over 37 kitchens in it, this was our favourite.  So we designed based on this inspiration… deciding on a light paint color (Cricket White) for the perimeter cabinets and the dark island stain (the easy to remember name – Chocolate).

It’s absolutely crazy to think that the kitchen dreams that became drafts which became re-drafts x 4 are going to come into fruition in just over a month.  ONE MONTH !!!  We’ve been so blessed to work with James and Kaili at Signature Kitchen Builders.  They’ve been so patient as we’ve changed our minds time and time again.  And they have given us the space we’ve needed when we’ve taken our time to really ponder each cabinet and the spacing and such.  They have also helped us to really imagine the space and then designed it for the most functionality.  They’ve just been amazing.

We are waiting for our updated island re-design to come back to us for the final final final sign off as we are having customized posts made, so I’ll wait to share the design until that comes in.

This is the inspiration photo behind our posts.

As I type this, I’m realizing exactly how much work we have to do to prep our house for the big kitchen undertaking.  And I’m also realizing how timely my trip to San Diego with Isaac is as we ship off on Monday for a week.  Poor Lee will be stuck at home, in the snow, doing a lot of evening grunt work while Isaac and I bum around on the beach, do a little bit of shopping, a lot of hanging out with my mom, Auntie Deb, and baby sis, Niki, in forecasted glorious heat of about 35 degrees Celsius   Hehe… love you honey.

Speaking of my honey, this is his Honey-Do List while we are away:

  • sand the shelves in the closet
  • do drywall patches in the closet
  • scrape the ceilings in the main living areas (kitchen, living room, dining room)
  • remove the stove wall in the kitchen (after removing the rest of the cabinets from the wall)
  • remove the beams in the ceiling where the walls were

So now the countdown begins.  We will have a new kitchen in 4 – 5 weeks time – with the estimated time of delivery being set for November 23rd.  This means we may actually have our kitchen in just in time to host Christmas this year !

Is this real life !?

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