Stalled Out

We have had an ahhh-mazing summer.

Camping.  A trip to Halifax.  A LOT of time with friends and family.  Hosting small gatherings in our under-construction-but-still-welcoming home.  

I wouldn’t change a thing.

Those times spent with our little family, our extended family, and our buddies has been so extremely valuable.  More important than anything, really.  Thus, the renovation side of things has been slightly stalled out for the last little while.

Sure, we’ve plugged away at some things.  Lee has mudded and sanded and mudded and sanded in our bedroom many a night.

We’ve learned a valuable lesson as we DIY in this house… that drywalling, taping, and mudding is not for the faint of heart.  Or the unskilled.  Or for those of us that hate despise dislike vacuuming.  Ahem.  Needless to say, there has been a wee bit of a learning curve when we think on our “easy peasy, let’s make two closets into one walk-in closet” project.  And honestly, it’s because of all that dang drywalling.

So, next time, we’ll probably hire out drywall projects of this size at least.

But, straight up, big kudos to Lee for tackling it and doing a super fantastical job.  Even if it has taken… weeks.  And, still isn’t done.  Oy.

On another note, I am learning to be super duper extra patient.  Yay for character building amongst closet building !

Typically, I am quite patient and easy going.  However, sleeping in every room in the house but the master bedroom while having all of my clothes either in boxes or  in my suitcase has been getting kinda old.  And, considering we’ve now lived in our happy little house for, oh, July, August and now half of September… I’d really really really reeeeaallly like a closet to put away my things.  So, after a long grace period, Lee has finally started to hear my shrill little 8 year old sounding voice in his ear about finishing up the closet.

Granted, I’ve become resourceful over the past week.  The linen closet now contains some of my shirts, pants, and shorts in it.  Isaac has a limited clothing ‘allowance’ that is neatly organized in the small drawer attached to his crib.  Some hang up clothes are in the front entrance closet.  And Lee’s clothes… well, they’re fending for themselves.  Wherever they land.  That part is now driving me bonkers.  Officially.

This past weekend, Lee’s folks came out for a visit.  Lee comes by his DIY self honestly.  It must be in his blood as his parents have fixed up and flipped many houses and are currently working on a big overhaul of a very old home.  So, they have experience in basically every aspect of renovating.  Which is an awesome resource and proved to be rather helpful this weekend !

Dale and Lee worked on mudding and sanding for what may possibly be the very last mud and sand this closet will see in a long time.  And they also hunkered down, put their heads together, and twisted my ear (only once, which begs the question, how did I get next to no say about the closet design !?!) to decide on a logistically sound walk in closet.

Which meant we spent Saturday afternoon trolling our local Totem for building supplies and trucked home with everything needed to execute the final stages of said closet.

However, the supplies are chilling out in the garage as we’ve had a week of mayhem already.  So, I may be out a closet for yet another week.  But, we had an microscopic leap in the progress direction, so I am jazzed about that.  Like, as in jazz hands happy.  Because any progress is good progress.

Actually, we are currently progressing by way of designing our backyard right this very second.  Yes, it’s a bit off course from our ‘let’s get everything on the main floor figured out and hopefully done by Christmas’ plan.  But, it’s only because the Home Improvement Warehouse is blowing out their entire lumber yard with crazy insane deals above and beyond their discount prices.  Which means we’d be crazy to pass up some insane deals for projects that we were gonna do down the road anyway.  Right !?

That’s our logic and we’re sticking to it.

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