Planning Makes Perfect

For the sake of being overzealous, I took to to draw out what we think is IT for our living space layout !  We already have furniture moved around and tape everywhere on the floors but there is something to be said about having a 3D layout to ogle over.

Frankly, when I see it all together, I have this all encompassing feeling of completion.  After trying out so many different layouts and having so many different eyes analyzing the space we have, this one makes the most sense. It’s like that moment when a bride finds the perfect wedding dress.  A student has that A-HA moment in the middle of writing a paper.  Fitting in that final puzzle piece.

Or, in Lee’s words, “It just feels right”.

There is plenty of space to move freely around the floor.  The flow from space to space is easy.  And once it is all hardwood, I think it will become even more cohesive.

I may or may not have shimmied around the house doing my happy dance.  Things feel like they are finally coming together and it is time to breathe about 18 sighs of relief.

In all honesty, I don’t even have the words to express how right this feels.  Maybe the floorplan sketches (that are not exactly at all to scale) can just speak for themselves now.

Thoughts ?  Is it as gush-worthy as we’re making it out to be ?  Would this be a floorplan you could live with if you bought this house ?  My need for feedback/affirmation is sky-high, people !


4 thoughts on “Planning Makes Perfect

  1. Just to add to your confusion and frustration level – is there a reason you’re choosing to make the wall where the new stove will be to the ceiling (ie: need the cupboard space, hood fan, simplicity of electrical work, etc.?) The reason I ask, is it might have more natural light in the kitchen area from your fabulously large front window, if you had it as only a partial wall and it was open from the counter level & up. It might make it brighter, but also a more open space for you when hosting guests over if you’re doing final prep in the kitchen and people are seated at the table…..but, I’m not sure what that means in terms of electrical work/cost, etc. as well, and maybe that’s why you decided what you did. And in terms of layout – I LOVE what these plans look like. How fun is this program?! 🙂

    • Thanks so much Mandy ! I have to say, is the bomb. Super easy to use, which is my cup o’ tea.
      We definitely thought about chopping that wall in half to add to the entertainment factor. It was Lee’s idea (he’s a thinker, like you!) and it ultimately got the kibosh because that would mean losing almost all of our upper cabinets and a bit of awkwardness with the hoodfan over the stove portion. Conceptually, quite a cool idea, but when it came to the fine details, we couldn’t agree, so it hit the cutting room floor (with about 18 other possibilities – ha!)

  2. Hey Lisa! Ok here is my feedback… I love it first off, love the open feel yet a bit of elegant privacy in the dining room from the clatter and creative mess taking place in the kitchen. I would rethink the furniture placement in that tv room off the kitchen though, the couches look a bit to squished against the walls and maybe too far apart for easy conversation at a non-shout level :). In general, its not a particular favorite of mine to have couches against walls, but sometimes there is no other option.. But all in all, it is a cool looking place, much patience your way as you execute your plans!!

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