Every Day We Be Shufflin’

Ok – maybe not every day.  But lately we have been shuffling and repositioning and taping out potential kitchen, living room, dining room layouts.

It’s been great for my biceps, that’s for sure !  Moving couches and tables every day or so could easily warrant cancelling my gym membership.

Yesterday another dear friend, Melanie, who has extremely insightful and talented eyeballs, came over for a visit and to give us some suggestions as to how our living space could flow better.  I have to say, thank goodness for having friends who work in the housing/design industry or are just plain talented (special thanks to Torie, Cindy, Keith B., Neely, Emily, and Melanie!).  Every person that walks thru our doors is questioned under bright lights attached to lie detector tests asked nicely for their opinion on the space.  And the suggestions have all been taken to heart, tried and tested.  Thus, furniture and painters tape shufflin’.

But after yesterday, I think we can finally breathe a little easier and commit to a plan.

Which is funny, looking back a few months and at a few emails, considering we were intending on having the kitchen installed while we were in Halifax at the end of August.  Haha.  Not quite.

BUT !  Now, we think we’ve got it, by golly !

Let me break it down.

First things first – we need to demolish the last wall standing (where the fridge and stove are currently chillin’ by) and then put up a new wall, 2 feet over, towards the front of the house.  The entire kitchen then moves 2 feet closer to the front of the house.  Ya follow ?

That creates more of a balanced feel with the kitchen window not being so tight to the corner cabinets.  That also makes a less awkward corner space and gives some more counter work space to the left of the sink (which will eventually be centered under the window).

Now – for the big, BIG change.  You know, bigger than taking out a wall and putting in a new one…

The dining ‘room’ will be at the front of the house.  AHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!

I resisted for so long, but it makes the most sense ultimately.  And it won’t be a formal dining room because the new wall we will be building won’t be quite as long, which means that there will still be a nice ‘flow’ from space to space.

Lee wants to build a new, longer table for this space, which will ultimately ramp up the entertaining factor this place already exudes.

We will also bring our desk area to the wall by the front entrance.

Having a desk area in the living areas was an important item on our wish list, which is why it had been integrated into the original kitchen plan.  Frankly, we didn’t want to use up one of the bedrooms as an office.  And we are both quite passionate about being able to keep an eye on our kiddo’s (Isaac plus eventual future kiddo’s – don’t go jumping to conclusions now!) computer usage.  And, of course, schoolwork !  They can work either at the desk or at the table, which will be in the same area.  Two birds, one stone !

The other big change is the family room/living room.  It’s at the back of the house around the fireplace.

I was especially adamant on having seating back there – due to the fact that our best views are from the back of the house looking out to the backyard and the pathway.  And the fireplace.  A toasty warm fireplace to sidle up to.  Isn’t that every person’s comfy, cozy wish ?

Now, you may be wondering, Lisa, what in the world are you going to do with that immense amount of ‘dead’ space where the dining room used to be ?  You can’t be crazy enough to think you don’t need it filled ?!  You can’t just leave massive amounts of open space for kids and adults alike to run amok ?!  Can you !?

Of course I could !!

But, we aren’t.

Oh no.  We are semi-rational people.  Thus, we are making our island fantastically huge in order to make that dead space alive and functioning and wonderful and amazing and welcoming and beautiful (and expensive… but that’s another story).

Our original 9 ft x 3 ft island has now become a taped-out-on-the-floor 6 ft x 8ft island !! (Holy poop!)

We will have our microwave built into the island and beside that, the garbage/recycling drawer, and then 3 pots and pans drawers.  The rest then becomes seating !  For… 6 !

Can you see it ?!  My placemats must help you visualize, right ? Can you feel it ?  I’m seriously so pumped !  We’re going to need to start a Supper Club or something after this space is transformed because the entertainment factor is going to oooze out from every crevice.  The Cysouw house will be the new Party house for sure.  Come – congregate !  In our kitchen, living room or dining room.  We’ll be able to hang out with all of you no matter where you park your patootie.

What do you think ?  Do you think we’re tackling our space issues correctly ?  Does my rambling even make sense ?  Do you think we’re completely out to lunch ?  (If so, blame all of the aforementioned folks who’ve helped guide us here!)  OR, do you think we’re geniuses for coming up with this plan (because we will take partial credit) ?

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