Good Things Come to Those Who Paint

Painting, by far, is the easiest, quickest, and most inexpensive way to change the look of a space.  In a very short period of time, a room can go from dated, dingy, dark, obscure, etc to a pleasant and more personalized space.

Over the course of the last few years, I have come to appreciate paint and the act of painting.  Mostly for the high impact, quick turnaround change that occurs.  I’m also becoming a MUCH better painter over the last couple of years and it has become a task I am happy to tackle.

I actually really looked forward to painting the bedrooms in our new place.

Too bad I couldn’t decide on paint colors.

I have always been able to vision a space, right down to the nitty gritty details.  Always.  It’s like, when I walk into a room, it speaks to me, and whispers in my ear what it would like to look like.

I don’t know what happened this time around.  Maybe it’s because of all of the projects we have going on at once.  My brain is confused and my creative genius stunted ?  Or maybe I should blame Pinterest.  haha.  That site is awesome and overwhelming at the same time.  So many amazing spaces that make me wish for at least 194 bedrooms to create.  I have so many rooms on inspiration boards on Pinterest.  Many, many ideas.

Which led me to sorta kinda choosing a paint color.  Because I was seriously flip floppin’ around like a fish outta water.  I had over 20 paint chips that I had brought home and was holding up at various times of the day in each bedroom.  I constantly was asking Lee for his opinion and if one color had more blue-y tones or reddish tones than the other.  It was honestly, a little ridiculous.

After 2 days (DAYS!!! that is so not me…) of hmmming and haaawwwwing over these dumb paint chips, I finally settled on a color for our bedroom and Isaac’s bedroom.  And I bet that no one would ever be able to tell there was a difference between the two colors.  It’s sad now that I look at the chips, but they are almost entirely identical.

I chose Placid from General Paint for our room.  It is a light grey with the wee-est, slightest hint of blue in it.  It was a toss up between Placid and Womb.  Ultimately Womb lost out.  Solely because of it’s name.  That’s how ridiculous my paint selection process got – choosing colors based on their names !

However, in a sick and twisted and completely unoriginal coincidence, Placid was also the paint color we used in our condo master bedroom.  Only it was semi-gloss.

I wanted so badly to create a new, fun, spunky space.  To step out of my comfort zone just a touch.  And here I go, choosing the exact same color.  Although, I have to think, maybe I did it because I was struggling to choose, and I knew I liked this one… Agh, who knows.  Anyone care to psycho-analyze this crazy-lady over here !?  haha

Isaac’s room also gets a touch of gray.  Apparently I’m in a gray phase.  Which is ok.  Because I used to be big into browns and cremes and tans.  So I suppose I’m exploring the cooler side of my neutral tastes this go around.

The plan is to paint with neutral colors and then ramp up the space with hits of color via accessories.  Totally re-inventing the decoration world here, people.  A concept no one has never, ever thought of.


Whateverrr… I can accept that I am taking a page outta the trendy-decorating-persons book by implementing items that can easily be interchanged, rather than having to repaint or change out the big ticket items.

So I painted.  I painted two out of the three bedroom ceilings with the help of Niki – while she was in Calgary for the last few days of sister time until Christmas – before taking off to San Diego State University.  I know how to use able-bodied help if it’s there.  And painting is a time of bonding.  If you don’t believe me, come over and we’ll paint a couple rooms together and I’ll prove it to ya 😉

And then I painted some walls.  In our room.  Only.  Which definitely meant I hardly accomplished a thing from my To-Do by Tuesday August 21st list.  On the flip side, at least I can check something off.  Which is always a confidence booster.


The wall color is looking more blue than gray.  I blame the blue drop cloth in the room.  And the fact that I’m not exactly a great photographer.  Apologies.  But, this gives ya an idea as to how things are shaping up.  And to prove that I’m actually doing what I say I’m doing instead of slacking off and napping.  Which I wanna do desperately today.  We got home waaayyy early this morning from Halifax and promptly … didn’t … sleep. Yay.

Our special family east coast holiday is the reason for why this update is forever late.  More apologies.  BUT – Halifax pictures and vacay run down to come soon !  We had a most fabulous time with fabulous friends and we’d love to share a sneak peek into the fun that was had.

Here’s a reminder of my fancy-schmancy To Do list. Expanded.  So that I can check things off.  Otherwise, I can’t, because it was way too generalized in grouping multiple rooms into one task.  And, because I get side tracked with spending time with friends and family over renovating, less work happened in lieu of much visiting.  Which feels good for my people-loving soul.  And I’m happy to put reno stuff on the back burner for friends and family.

Although now I’m kinda realizing my list got bigger, even though it was always this big, but didn’t look like it.  Grrrrreaaat.

Ok, so I guess we’re not moving into our rooms quite yet.  Maybe by the end of September… of 2013.  Ha !  So much for my initial hopes and dreams of being back in our room by August 5th.

Bedroom To Do’s 

  • Finish the final sanding/mudding/sanding of the closet drywall
  • Install shelving in the closet
  • Paint Master Bedroom walls
  • Paint Isaac’s room walls
  • Paint guest room walls
  • Paint Master Bedroom ceiling
  • Paint Isaac’s bedroom ceiling
  • Paint guest room ceiling
  • Paint walk in closet
  • Buy baseboard/window casing
  • Paint baseboard/window casing
  • Install baseboard/window casing
  • Install new lights
  • Move back in to the rooms

2 thoughts on “Good Things Come to Those Who Paint

  1. I always look forward to your blogs.
    I get the to do list blues too. too much stuff to do and not enough of the time or energy to do it in. I think that with all the to do stuff waiting we sometimes have forgotten all the done stuff we have accomplished.
    So I’m not trying to encourage you to sit back and enjoy- just yet, I’m just trying to give you some kudos for getting the stuff done that you have. Not so much focusing on the rest of the jobs to be done. Keep up the good work!!! Looking forward to more updates.

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Auntie Mil !
      We’re taking each step as it comes. And yeah, it’s dragging on a bit longer than originally anticipated, but things are getting accomplished when we have time. The important thing, we’re finding, is to hug tightly onto a balanced life. Some nights and weekends call for more down time or friend/family time than finishing off a task – and I wouldn’t trade those moments for the world !

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