Ups and Downs

In our previous home, we renovated the bedrooms last. Same with our home before that. So this time, when we were making our timeline and budgets for the work we wanted to complete, our personal little havens were priority number one this go-around. Being über-unrealistic and super dreamy about how long bedroom transformations take, I sometimes get a little over zealous. And I schedule things to be done perhaps earlier than they should’ve been.

In this case, the carpets!

You see, we had found a smashing good deal on carpet at our local End of the Roll and we put our deposit down so that we could save it. End of the Roll otherwise can be a blink and you miss it kind of store – selling off their end cuts for wicked prices. With a deposit down and reno’s moving as fast as Usain Bolt, I confirmed an install date with Lee and carpet was booked!!

I learned a little lesson that day though.

Don’t discuss, suggest, or confirm dates with Lee when he may be pre-occupied. Double, no, triple check to make sure he’s actually responding “sure, that definitely works for me” to my question. And then, when you are confident that he is aware of said confirmed date, send him a calendar request.

Cuz otherwise, he’ll forget.

That the whole conversation happened.

For real.

And then he’ll start shaking a little and his eyes get a little glassy because he instantly realizes that we he still has to finish prepping the walk in closet. And the ceilings. Because the ceiling texture was booked for the day before carpet install. Needless to say, to prevent having to institutionalize Lee for overworking and stressing the guy out, I called both companies and re-scheduled. After triple confirming a date with Lee and promptly sending a calendar request, the new countdown was on.

Alas, in our household nothing ever seems to go to plan and although we worked on the rooms (yes, I helped!!) nearly every day/night, the evening before our ceiling texture was a long, exhausting prep night. Patching and sanding the ceiling. Taping and sanding the drywall seams on the walk in closet. Scraping the last pieces of wallpaper glue off the walls. Sweeping and vacuuming and mopping the rest of the house that now was covered in drywall dust. Hauling the tools into the ensuite or the garage.

I think we hit the hay close to 1 am that night. But it’s always worth the late nights when a space is transformed!

Jason, owner operator of the Texture King, was on our steps promptly at 9 am and got right to work. He poly’d everything off and got to prepping, priming and texturing. Shortly after he started, Isaac and I went to Timbertown to pick up our new closet doors. We could’ve done that later but because this kiddo definitely has a thing for wanting to hang out with anyone who walks thru our doors, and I didn’t so much feel like continuously chasing him down and grabbing him as he tried to get thru the poly’d doorways into the spray of drywall mud.  Containing him when he’s on a mission to be a part of the action is like keeping coffee addicts away from Starbucks.  Impossible and so not worth the effort.  So, we took off and let Jason work in peace.

We came home just as he was packing up his truck (good thing I stopped running errands when I did) and walked thru the rooms. The texture looks fabulous! So very exciting and sleek and updated. Although I shall miss the sparkly ceiling dearly said no one.  There was just one small problem… Can you see it ??

A wee bit of sadness crept up when I saw that there was this yellow-y stain leeching thru the texture.  Jason said that this happens in 1 out of every 15 houses that he does. He figures that someone probably smoked in the house at one point in time but there is no way of knowing whether there is a stain lurking ahead of time or not.

Lucky us. So now we were left with a neatly laid out grid pattern on our bedrooms ceilings. Yellow on the drywall, white where it was taped. Jason said that it just needs a coat of acrylic latex white paint. Simple. Except painting ceilings wasn’t exactly a task I expected to have to do.  I hate painting ceilings… ok, not hate.  But let’s just say if painting ceilings was a person, I probably wouldn’t acknowledge their presence if I was in line behind them at the ice cream store.

Besides that little hitch, texturing the three bedrooms with a knock down finish was a quick, fairly inexpensive way to ramp up to OooooOOohh factor in the bedrooms.  The other fabulous addition has been our silky smooth carpet that now graces our bedrooms.

The day after the ceilings were done was chaos.  Pure insanity with back to back appointments, trying to get way too many things done at once crazy. At 9 am sharp, the owner of the kitchen supplier we’ve been dealing with showed up to do a mark out and talk about the layout and the pricing.

Although I know the space, sometimes it doesn’t seem like it’s as big when I look at the layout on paper.  He reassured me that, with 23 feet worth of cabinetry, his pricing made sense.  And that it was a good deal.  Like, smokin’ good.  But when there is a complete un-sureness about the layout, $50 seems like a lot of money to spend. He started to draw on the floors with his little red crayon, indicating where everything would go.  Which is funny, because our floors are red.

We tweaked some of the ideas; made the island bigger, moved the microwave to the island, pushed the island out a bit more, put in the bookshelf by the desk and the window, made the range bigger.  All things that I showed you in the new layout.  That was the third draft actually… and probably not the last.

Somewhere in there, the carpet guys showed up.  The nice thing is that they know what to do and just get to it.  Isaac on the other hand was going bonkers with all the new faces.  He loves people.  All people who aren’t weirdo’s, that is.  He has great intuition.  He thought it was best worth his time to chase around every person that came into our house.  Wanting to be picked up by James, checking out what the two carpet guys were doing, trying to move the underpad out of the way… so helpful.  I ended up plunking him in his table chair with some food just so I could maintain my conversation with James about the kitchen until he left.

Then my pal, Karissa, showed up to drop off some camping gear we lent them.  We got to chatting and she was heading to Wal-Mart and I needed to go as well, so we aimed to meet there for some shop together, mommy chat time.  Once I found my keys (they were in the garage !?!), Isaac and I met up with her for an impromptu hang out sesh.

You see, the Donkey has a camper on the back of it.  And the camper needed some love… like curtains and bench seat covers.  And we were leaving that night for 5 days of camping at Crimson Lake out by Rocky Mountain House, AB.  My deadlines were fast approaching and my day slipping away.  And somehow, in the back of my crazy-lady mind, I thought I would have time to whip up some curtains.  Told you, totally not living in reality.

I took a bit longer choosing out fabric than I thought (fabric = sheets and pillow cases that I figured I could transform) and raced home only to realize that the carpet guys were already done.  And had been done long enough to have gone for a coffee and came back.  And were waiting. Whoops. (In my defense, the line ups at Wal-Mart were atrocious.  Too many people and not enough registers open). Thankfully it was lunch time and they had enough time between appointments, so they assured me I could stop feeling bad at least long enough to look at the work they had done, get a little giddy about how great it looked installed, awkwardly pet the floor and thank them agabajillion times over for installing my soft, plushy carpet.

Isaac was sleeping so he unfortunately he didn’t get to do his signature lay on the carpet with one cheek pressed firmly on the soft pile while saying “Awwww”.  It’s so adorable.  The carpet sales lady wanted him for promo video’s because it’s so cute.  And sincere.  And too quick for me to ever capture on film.

What a difference these two additions make.  Even if they were done in the wrong order.

The ceilings are now understated instead of disco-hall worthy and the carpets provide such a softness and warmth to the space.  With a splash of paint, some baseboard and window casing, and some new lighting and we’ll be able to call the bedrooms done. Sortof.  Not really.  Here’s the real list…

Bedroom To Do’s – in no particular order (because I obviously don’t follow typical renovation schedules, like painting before carpet)

  • Finish sanding/mudding/sanding the closet drywall
  • Install shelving in the closet
  • Paint the ceilings
  • Paint the walls
  • Buy baseboard/window casing
  • Paint baseboard/window casing
  • Install baseboard/window casing
  • Install new lights
  • Move back in to the rooms

Am I being crazy to think that maybe this can be done by Tuesday?! Probably !

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