Kitchen Woes


We have a butt load of it here at our new place. Maybe even too much.  Gasp !  Did I even say that ?!  It is something to just get used to.  It’s something that came at such a premium at our condo.

Now, we have this huge blank canvas of space since we’ve opened up the former formal dining room walls.  And I’m finding that as we work over the layouts – we’ve started second guessing the layout we thought we’d decided on.  Just a touch of overwhelming doubt.  The usual.

Where is Nate Berkus when you need the guy, hey?!

Our biggest issue actually comes down to where to put the dining table. What makes the most sense overall.

I mean, even the previous owners struggled with this decision.  There were three (three!!) dining locations previously and after considering all three, we’ve ruled them all out. Yup.  Way to buck the trend !

You see, we’ve been doing kitchen consults with a kitchen supplier in town. And I think the below lay out is what we are leaning towards – however we are still in the tweaking stage.  We initially really liked the idea of having a large L-shaped kitchen with a nice big 8 or 9 foot island with a built in dishwasher and the microwave.  The gas range and hood fan would be on the living room wall and the fridge beside a nice big pantry.  To the right of the pantry is a little desk area for the laptop and books.  A lovely layout if I do say so myself.  

To compare – this is a reminder of what our kitchen looks like currently – sans walls !  (By the way, we finished taking down the walls yesterday!  haha)

I was totally rushing Lee on the kitchen. They said they could even install it while we were in Halifax, which I thought was ideal!
However the prep work and demolition and finalizing and appliance buying and electrical and plumbing that all needed to be done before then became a wee bit daunting. Especially considering this is our first real tear out start new kitchen reno ever.

So now, the kitchen will sit as is. For who knows how long. Probably no longer than the end of September, beginning of October. But still. Not quite the forefront of the day, as I’d originally hoped and dreamed about.

But really, we need to be working on something kitchen related every day to even dream about a September/October install.
Finalizing the layout is task numero uno. Wait, no, layout is kitchen task 1.2. Kitchen Task 1.1 is determining what appliances we would like to eventually buy because the layout is dependent on that.

So we’ve been trolling appliance stores and online stores and checking flyers and sales and even looking on kijiji and Craigslist. Kitchen Task 1.1 is turning out to be relatively time consuming!!

I believe we have settled on the glorious-ness that is a 36″ stainless steel slide in gas range from the Electrolux Professional Series. She’s a beast. A pretty hot yet extremely functional and high class beast. Lee’s enamored by the specs and the pure size of this lovely lady (and yes – I personally consider the range to be one awesome lady. She cooks, cleans and wears her bling with pride). She does have quite the presence.

As for our other other leading lady, (I’m obviously L.L. #1), is our fridge. We’re kinda leaning towards matching the range and the fridge, which means an Electrolux stainless steel French door bottom freezer drawer fridge.

The dishwasher, hood fan, and the built in microwave, although really important, haven’t resonated as much with us and are back burner items that we’ve spent … well, zero time looking at. I can say that now, because I have at least a dishwasher.  If I did not, that would probably be the first thing I’d tack down.  I almost hate washing dishes as much as I hate vacuuming.

Anyone willing to weigh in on their personal preferences or experiences, good or bad, with specific brands or styles of appliances? We’ve basically only bought appliances on kijiji. Used. So again, new territory that a little insight on is much appreciated!!

Now, after getting entirely side tracked from the actual layout, which I was originally planning on discussing, let’s go back, shall we.
We have a u-shaped kitchen currently. And space will no longer an issue with these walls down. So we figured that we could make the kitchen into an L-shape and carry it all the way along the side wall, to the back window.

We would have an island where the current walkway is. A large island with a flush eating bar. Lots of extra work space and eating space.
Then came the challenge. Where do we put our dining table?! In the formal dining room space? Where you’d walk right into it from the front door and the hallway?

What about on the far right of the room, beside the downstairs steps? There is lighting there and a window to look out of. But I really wanted that window accessible as that’s the best view to the backyard.

What about it’s current spot? Nope. Too close to the cabinets and would run into the island.

Well, what about centering it to the fireplace length wise ? And having the island come out into the former formal dining space a bit more? So that there is a lot of space from the front door into the home – rather than running into a table and chairs. Hmmm… Maybe. Perhaps. I’m slowing coming around to it.  I even moved our table there this morning to get a feel for it.

And I’m not going to lie.  I kinda love it.

Unfortunately – this little move has opened up a huge can of worms.

Lee now wants to take out the wall that separates the living room from the kitchen.  It’s the only wall left and he feels like it’s awkward space, cutting off the potential entertaining factor that we are seeking to ooze.

But I’m not sold.  I can’t picture it…

Oh, first world problems.

I seriously sit and peer at the space, half expecting it to just come. Seriously, Nate B. If I shoot a video from good ol’ Canada, will you please, please, oh pretty please, just tell me what to do!?!

You’d think it would be easier with all this space. But no, here, I sit. Confused and unsure and doubting myself. And scared! To make a decision for a whole kitchen to revolve around something that may not even work/make sense.

Help !!


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