Cleaning Out My Closet

The latest project we’ve been tackling ’round these parts is conjoining (in a very positive way) Isaac’s closet to ours.

When we first looked at the house, I was befuddled as to how any person could manage having such a teensy-weensy closet and not have oodles of other clothing storage.  Not only was it small, but it was also awkward.  Kind of like me in elementary junior high high school my entire life.  I suppose a person could downsize their clothing inventory.  But I’m not that person.  I still have clothes from junior high… maybe I shouldn’t admit to that… I hang onto things, ok.

Stop judging me and please don’t plan an intervention or anything.  I’ve moved enough times to appropriately downsize to slightly less than hoarder status.  Anyway !!

We are making a walk in closet for the master bedroom ala taking Isaac’s closet out and adding it to our closet.  Ta-da.  Walk in closet to cram jam all of our clothing.

There was a small, but substantial amount of demolition that needed to be done.  I just so happened to peace out while Lee took apart the closet.  However, that meant coming home and not knowing what I would find behind door number 1.

Lo and behold, it wasn’t what I expected.

While tearing apart the framing in the closets, Lee was showered upon.  By insulation.  And wood chips.  4 garbage bags full tumbled down.  Everywhere.

And of course, I was appointed Official Insulation Cleaner-Upper.  So I know exactly how many bags of stinkin’ insulation needed to be shtuffed into bags.

It was a messy job, dusty, sneeze/hack inducing job and I was not entirely prepared for my newly assigned task.  As you can tell by my semi-dressy top.  And my overly impressed yet still attempting to smize for the camera post clean up.  Ca-ute.  What I did throw on was my trusty mask… definitely a necessity when dealing with things like old insulation.

Let’s have a moment of honesty here.  Renovating can be a blast and a half . But most of the time, it can be a huge pain in the patootie.   I laugh a little when people say things like “we love every minute of it”.  I’m sure I’ve said it.  But it’s time to get real.  Renovating is not all rainbows and butterflies.  But the end result, when you actually do things right, the first time (to quote homeboys Bryan Baumler and Mike Holmes) is what makes the pain, suffering, bloodshed, bruises, cough attacks, and petty arguments with your sometimes-patient spouse worth it all.

Although, when a certain husband decides to start framing in a certain master bedroom walk in closet just after a certain little man has gone to bed in the room next door, things can sometimes get ugly – ok, not actually, but I was boring razors into the back of his head every time he drilled.  I’m not sure if you realize exactly how noisy framing can be, or how much it can shake an old house.  But I would be happy to regale to you that its FREAKING LOUD !

Like many moms who have just put their babies to bed after a very long day, I was not impressed with the hammering and the drilling that was occurring.  However, the wee mister has proven to be quite the sound sleeper, to which I was entirely and pleasantly pleased to realize.

Funny though, as soon as Lee was done framing and we were cleaning up, guess who wakes up !?  Yes, me.  Finally, right !  Ok, not quite, although I was a little dead on my feet.  Maybe because we’ve always been noisy around Isaac, he really recognizes when there isn’t something going on ?  It’s truly amazing.  In that please, pretty, pretty, pretty please “go back to sleep” kind of way.

It didn’t take a very long time for the framing, drywall, and insulation to come down.  Cleaning it up took longer.  Putting it back together is taking longer than that.  But, progress is progress is progress and that’s what keeps us at it.  That and the looming deadlines of my dad coming in to do the electrical, a booked appointment for ceiling texture, and a booked appointment for carpet.  Personally, I appreciate deadlines because it means we have to get specific things done and I have an end in sight.  Which is especially nice when talking about bedrooms.  Or closets, if I’m going to be truthful !  (I miss my clothes!!)

Lee and I currently reside in the basement.  We sleep in our guest bed while our luxurious king sized bed is propped up in the formal dining space.  A large majority of our clothes remain in boxes which are chilling in the basement in the big storage space.  I do laundry on a consistent basis because we just cycle thru the same clothes.  So, if you happen to see me in the same outfit a couple days in a row, give me a break.  I’d have to open more boxes and unpack more… and I’m all about only unpacking once.  If possible.  Although this decision is starting to become slightly questionable due to the repetition in my clothing choices.

Isaac’s room is still upstairs, in the former green room.  I can proudly state that all of the wallpaper in the two front rooms have been removed.  Entirely.  What a chore.  Lee and I finished it together one night… me soaking the stupid glue paper.  And then re-soaking.  And sometimes throwing on a wee extra layer.  And then Mr. Awesome Husband would follow with the scraper and shwoop – glue paper down.

I cannot wait until we can move back in. Alas, I have no choice.  Especially considering there are just a couple of things left to accomplish.

  • Finish framing the closet by completing the rough opening (RO) for the closet door in our room – ETA, this weekend
  • Install the drywall to close off the space (board, tape, etc) – also this weekend
  • Install a light in the closet (hurray for having a very skilled electrician as a daddy) – hurray for this weekend !
  • Have the ceilings textured with knock-down – on Wednesday
  • Possibly paint the rooms pre-carpet (I haven’t even thought of paint colors!  Eeep!) – it would have to be Wednesday afternoon/night !?  Sounds unlikely when I write it out… Ha !
  • Have the carpets installed – Thursday first thing.
  • Finalize closet layout and then execute. The plans.  Not each other.  Execution anticipated post-awesome camping trip
  • Unpack and move in !

Ideally, in my fantasy world of I-wish-I-was-on-HGTV-time, we would be all moved into our fancy-schmancy bedrooms by August 3rd.  Just in time for our 6th Anniversary on August 5th 😉

In real world time, I’m still setting that as a hopeful move in date.  Mostly just a move all my crap into the closet date actually.  It would just be so nice to have a wonderful walk in closet where I can once again look at all of the clothes that I have, just to complain about having absolutely nothing to wear.  A girl can dream.

And for those of you who only come here to look at pictures of Isaac, thanks for stopping by !  I found this ball pit at a second hand shop today.  For $10.00.  Best. Investment. Everrr.  This kiddo is highly amused with throwing all of the balls out of the pit.  Keeps him busy long enough for me to get other things done.  Win win if I do say so myself.


2 thoughts on “Cleaning Out My Closet

  1. I love your post it is exactly what I would do!!! Yay – expand that wardrobe, don’t conform!!!!!…. I am horrified at the sizes of wardrobes. I don’t know how anyone can manage to survive the week with the limited amount of clothing that fits in a conventional wardrobe. It only gets worse if you have to share the teensy space with your beloved’s clothes… ugh-no, horrific!

    I have a double bedroom as my wardrobe – because I am a obsessive clothes horse and I neeeeeed to have options. I recently got to the stage when I had to exercise control and cull back or else I would have trouble finding anything at all.

    I would have loved to knock out a wall and had two double bedrooms at my mercy – that would be awesome, but I’d have nowhere to sleep…….. you are my hero!

    LOL – drop by and read about my clothing nightmares on my blog sometime:

    • Thanks ! We already kinda ADORE the new closet. We’ve been working out the layout and design of inside and it makes me nervous. Even though its bigger – it doesn’t seem big enough. Considering you would love two bedrooms for a closet, I’m sure you could relate !

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