How I Take It Off

I’m talking wallpaper, you sicko’s. Head out of the gutters now.

In order to get our ceilings textured, we were informed that removing wallpaper ahead of time was highly recommended.  Lee took this opportunity to stick his tongue out at me, then laugh, and chant something along the lines of “The wallpaper goes!”  He was thrilled at their suggestion as he loathed the wallpaper that I thought was charming and totally workable.

I conceeded to the fact that the green room needed to change.  I was actually planning on keeping some of the blue peacock’s around, even if it was just one wall.  Too bad I got into a wallpaper removal frenzy and everything came down.

It was nap time so I double checked some pins that I had put up on Pinterest (from here and here) and then concocted an entirely different, super basic solution based on what I had kicking around.  I also eyeballed the ingredients.  I’m not big on measuring unless I’m baking and then I’m meticulous.  Too many hard or salty or flat cookies in my past baking life.

I guesstimate that I used about 1/2 c. of Fabric Softener and then filled my bottle with about 2 c. of very warm water.  Bottle in hand, I took off to the green room first and started spraying the wall.

I then went to spraying the walls and let the solution sit for maybe 3 minutes.

A little scrape here to get it going and BAM ! Off it came !

Off with the green stripeys!!

This obviously got me excited.  I was thrilled that it was coming off without much effort.  Full sheets, floor to ceiling were coming down.  My hand started to hurt a little (woe is me – hand cramps are awful) from spraying the first two sheets, so I thought I would try just my scraper, no solution.  I know, I live on the edge !  And lo and behold, the paper just kept coming off.  So I concluded that the solution was deemed unnecessary with my special kind of wallpaper as I trucked along, yapping out loud to myself about how lucky this was.  And how much I loved my house.  Naturally, I needed to share this with someone.  Being overzealous Lisa, I texted Lee.  In all-caps nonetheless.

30 minutes – maybe less – is all that it took for me to strip the green room.  The best part of all was that there was no glue under layer.  Just paper on the wall.  I will still wash it down with TSP so that I can ensure that it is 100% clean before we paint it.  But what a breeze.

This quick process put a fire under my tushie and I decided to try my hand at the blue peacock room, seeing as Isaac was awake.  I wasn’t thinking clearly – I wasn’t reminding myself enough of how much I loved it… I miss it now that it’s gone.

My expectations waffled between “this is the easiest thing in the world!” and “I can’t get this lucky twice”.  And I was right and wrong at the same time.

The paper came off the same as in the green room.  I was beyond thrilled.  (Spoiler alert: there was something underneath the blue peacocks that is making up for the ease of the paper removal… ugh)

I took off the entire room’s worth of paper in maybe 15 minutes.  Halfway thru my subconscious finally snapped me out of my “this is the best renovation project I’ve ever done!” euphoria and I remembered exactly how much I loved those blue peacocks.  Figuring since I had already yanked most of the paper off the wall, I needed to do my best at keeping the sheets for future projects.  To be honest, I probably spent more time folding up the sheets than I did pulling them off the walls.

After some careful folding, I took a break and Isaac and I played together for a bit.  Some gratuitous baby shots for those Isaac lovers out there.

Practicing his balancing skills with his Diaper Genie refills, classy !  I love the oh so serious, focused look, with a hint of accomplishment coming out.

Man.  I wish my project ended there and I could spend Isaac’s naptimes doing different activities.  But no – I have majorly stalled out since then due to the fact that there is that nasty glue paper on the walls in this room… I did start scraping the room during Isaac’s nap the next day and am about halfway done.  Kind of reminds me of my garden and the weeding I need to finish… hmmmm….

I will say, this is where the above mentioned solution has become my bestest buddy in the whole entire world!  Letting that stuff soak in for about a minute after sponging it on (the spraying was making my weak girly hands cramp.  Sucky baby… I know) followed by a quick splash of it again has made a world of a difference.  It comes off like butter.  It still takes forever because you scrape sections at a time.  Sheets don’t just come falling down.  The fairytale had to end sometime.  It’s not always rainbows and butterflies.  Or some mumbo jumbo like that.

I’ve decided that wallpaper removal should be part of jail time sentences for criminals.  They would be completely reformed, I’m sure.

So, it’s now that time of the day for me to complete my wallpaper stripping.  I desperately want to check this off my To-Do list.  Once the wallpaper is down and moving the light fixtures in each of the bedrooms is complete, I can book the ceiling texture guys to come in.  Which has to be done by Monday or Tuesday next week because carpet comes in on Thursday !!!!!!!!

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