Soaking Up The Sun

Last weekend was our first weekend in our house. What better way to commemorate than to keep the projects rolling!

Following the scraping of the ceilings, we were anxious to begin work outside. Probably because temperatures were soaring and hanging out inside was a ridiculous notion that would cause potential combustion. The sun was out and urging us to head into the great outdoors.

It didn’t hurt that our yard was in need of some major TLC. If you watched the house tour, you would have noticed the overgrown lawn and the weed filled garden.

Thankfully, we didn’t have to slave away by ourselves. We were lucky enough to be graced with the presence and helping digits of Mom and Dad Cysouw and cousins, Shane and Charla.

Oh, and I’d be entirely remiss if I didn’t mention the lackluster performance by a landscaping company that I had arranged to do lawn care via a deal site voucher I had purchased. It may have been the partially knee-height grass in the back that caused the stream of abundant curse words but I had paid for a service and had even indicated that the grass was substantial when I made the booking.
Regardless, step 1 Saturday morning was to admire a freshly cut lawn after they fished out the clogged up mower.

Cat-calls all around! What a difference! It was like night and day after our not-so-chipper-landscaping-pals swathed our backyard. And wouldn’t you know it, but a cut lawn was inspiring.  I blame the intoxicating smell of sliced grass – because the next thing I know, many branches from our backyard spruce tree have been dismembered!

Two nights before, Lee was scouring and came across a brand new Husqvarna chainsaw for over 100 smackeroos less than store price. Perfect for cutting up trees he says. It’s a tool that I will use he says. And it was part of the plan to do some serious spruce tree trimming, he reminds me.

Well, the mister was in chainsaw la-la-land come Saturday morning. He fired up his newly purchased second-hand-but-never-used chainsaw and went cut happy on our backyard spruce. Poor thing didn’t know what was coming. Nor did our neighbors, who previously benefited from the privacy that those spruce branches used to provide.
This was the moment that they decided to introduce themselves. Sweet folks who, I imagine, were wondering who these young folks were, terrorizing the neighborhood. Thankfully all interactions were peaceful and Lee resumed lumber slicing activities.
He may have been slightly over zealous in his efforts but man, what a difference to our yard.

All the while, Charla plugged away on weeding the garden. Once Isaac went down for his nap, Cheryl and I jumped in, but Charla really deserves the praise. After around 5+ hours of weeding, the garden was about halfway finished. If there were awards being handed out, the garden would win most improved. Flowers were discovered, beauty unearthed, perennials found. It was transformed from drab to fab and now oozes its flowery charm to anyone who rests their eyes on its section of yard space.

The garden at midday break. Sayonara weeds !

Now I just need to arrange for 3-5 willing womenfolk to stop by for a weeding party to finish off the space! Yayyy!!! Anyone!? Anyone?! Bueller!? Bueller?!

The garden – overrun by weeds and then at the end of the day. Halfway done !!

I did manage to squeak my cherry million tomato plants in by the end of the night. It’s been touch and go since they were hailed on but I saw some minis coming in yesterday – which leads me to believe tomatoes are on their way!!

My poor, hail beaten tomato plants finally have a home!

As always, a big, huge squishy-hug thank you to those that helped make this place a little more pretty. It won’t be the ugly sister for much longer at this rate!

Next update (when I get around to writing out my confession) – some stripping in the bedrooms!  Insert groan here due to not so ha-ha joke about taking down wallpaper… My apologies. I couldn’t resist!  And sadly, yes, that even means the pretty blue peacocks have been removed. Sigh. Please mourn the loss of said wallpaper with 5 seconds of silence with me.

Thank you.

On a lighter note, to carry you thru this difficult time, you’ll be pleased to know, I’ve secretly stashed salvageable pieces for future projects. Shhh. Don’t tell Lee!


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