The Day After We Moved In – Video Tour

Welcome to our house.

The day after we moved in, we figured it would be fun to have a video capturing the untouched beauty of this 1971 original renovation project.

Please don’t judge the mess.  We’re still unpacking.  I apparently thought I had unpacked more than I really had when I said the kitchen was basically done.  Looking back, it was far from it.  But – it had come a long way !

Also, please excuse the congested nose noises… I wasn’t dealing with my “house allergies” very well yet.

I’m already enjoying looking back on our yard.  What a disaster it was.  There was water pooling in the low spots. The spruce tree took up a large part of our yard. The grass had started seeding.  It was Lisa-knee-height deep.  And the garden !  Those weeds !  A good reminder that the weeding done this weekend made a big difference.

And then, there is the basement.  I ran through that space in a second video – and it’s being uploaded (but taking forever… am I doing something wrong on YouTube??  224 minutes to upload 2 videos that total 7 minutes?  Really??).

UPDATE !  Two hours later, this short basement video is now ready for your viewing pleasure.

The basement is basically wide open, partially finished with a lot of storage space.  We had the happy surprise of finding that it had central vac.  Which was there the whole time, but we didn’t notice it, I guess.

OH – the basement has carpeted teleposts.  Ramps up the class of this place by at least 14 points!  The accordion wall is on a whole other level for class points.

Alright, gotta go.  I have wallpaper to strip so that Lee can build our master walk-in closet and I can get an electrician in so that I can get have our ceilings done so that I can get new carpets so that I stop sounding like Kermit the Frog.

2 thoughts on “The Day After We Moved In – Video Tour

  1. I love your blog Lisa! Thanks for sharing your journey and for this “before” video tour. I love houses and renos (that aren’t my own!) so it’s really fun to see what you guys are up to. I can see now why you are so excited about this new place! Can’t wait to see the transformation 🙂 (Too bad it’s not in St Albert or we could buy it when you’re done working your magic and ready to move on!)

    • Thanks so much Bobbie ! We are loving this house immensely – might be hard to leave in a few years when we are all done… the backyard will be hard to beat, that’s for sure. If you’re ever in Calgary, you guys should stop by !
      In the meantime, we’ll be putting our stamp on it and having fun renovating enjoying the finished projects!

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