Dear House – I LOVE YOU! mostly…

The last few days have gone by Speedy Gonzalez fast. I can’t even believe we’ve been in house for a week already!  We’ve fallen in love with this place.  The location is killer, the neighbors all rock, there have been pleasant surprises (ie. this place is bigger than we remembered, hello heated garage, 3 fridges, and built in vacuum system that we didn’t realize existed… our observing skills were lacking when we first walked thru the house apparently). WE LOVE IT !

Moving day went well and we had a trickle of awesome helpers come by throughout the day, which made such a big difference.

Lee skillfully packed most everything into this garage… it was like taking apart a puzzle as we packed up the U-Haul.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Mandy – for entertaining Isaac for hours so we could load the truck, and to Giselle, Rory, Linda, Emily, Bryce, Karissa, Craig, and Garth for lending a hand one way or another on moving day. You all are heroes!

Everything was brought over and in to the house on the moving day. Hurray for well labelled boxes and hungry people. They sure knew how to work for their pizza.  Now, I’m faced with knowing where to put everything and what to unpack seeing as we need to get the bedrooms renovated quickly.

You see, there is 40 year old tangerine carpet, that more than likely has seen its fair share of animals and dirt and who knows what else, in the master bedroom and the living room and I am having a wee bit of an substantial allergic reaction to it.

Sarcastic Yay’s all around! A couple days of extreme congestion and I’ve decided to declare war on everything that may have animal dander in it.

In the meantime, I’ve stocked up on Benadryl. I should buy stocks the way I’m plowing thru the good stuff. If you get any weird phone calls or text messages from me over the next couple of weeks – I blame Benadryl and its grog inducing power.

Thankfully this has put an extra quick rush on some of our planned reno’s. Excited Yay!  Lee, Isaac and I went carpet shopping on Friday because when momma can’t breathe isn’t happy, nobody is happy.

Putting a rush on new flooring proved to be a good decision. Not only did we put a deposit on a steal-of-a-deal carpet but we also found a potential hardwood and due to quickly impending carpets, Lee started and successfully scraped ceilings in two bedrooms and two bathrooms! In record time nonetheless.

Don’t you just love the wallpaper ?  I’m saying that in hopes that others will rally with me in support of the blue damask-ish wallpaper.  I truly am in love with it… it’s actually damask peacocks.  How cool, right !!  Lee’s argument is that it doesn’t speak to everyone and we’re updating the house in hopes of eventually selling it… BUT STILL !!

Lee’s We’re extremely thankful at the ease that the sparkle stipple is coming down at. I could make out the toothy grins beneath the dust-crust on his face – which made me happy. It means I’m on the road to no more nasty clogged nose noises.

We hit up a bunch of carpet stores, big box to local shops to chains. After doing some research the night before, we really fell in love with the Mohawk Smart Strand carpet. It’s durable, it’s ‘green’ and it does well against allergens, amongst a plethora of other pluses (they lined a rhino’s pen with the stuff at a zoo to show off it’s stain resistance powers – check it out! Impressive, right?).

The only thing was the price. So we shopped around. To 6 places. We even looked at comparable products. We thought we should check out End of the Roll. Just to see. Although we weren’t going in with high expectations based on how much we needed – as they don’t always have a lot of stock and we needed three large bedrooms worth.

However, lo and behold, we found our carpet. It’s lovely. It’s Smart Strand. It’s a good mix of brown and grey – I don’t know the colour offhand, sorry. I’ll find out. It was discounted in comparison to everywhere else. We managed to get it down from $3.50 to $2.89/sq ft. It’s always worth asking if they can do any better on the price. They won’t offer up front, that’s for sure! Don’t ask, don’t know, I say.

We also asked if the underpad price could be improved – we got another green light and saved $0.05/sq ft. Which is only 23 bucks back in our pockets – but every little bit helps when renovating.

On our carpet hunting travels, we made some installer connections. While End of the Roll offered a decent install rate of $0.67/sq ft, another place said they’d connect us with their installer for $0.35/sq ft. And I know, you get what you pay for… But this is a really reputable place that gives an install warranty for these same guys. So we’re considering it. As it saves us around $147 or so…

Anyway! Carpet was decided upon and we were looking at distressed hardwood at the same time. Engineered hardwood actually – as it holds up better in Calgary’s dry climate. No expanding or contracting or separating of boards – which we experienced in our condo despite our best efforts to keep the humidity up.

We brought along our carpet sample and came home with three hardwood samples. Please feel free to weigh in on your favorite combo – although we think we have settled on the first combo as our front runner.

Distressed Patina Hardwood

Grey Tones Hardwood

Distressed Chocolate Hardwood

For your reference, we are planning on putting hardwood throughout the main living areas on the main floor and hallways, carpet in the bedrooms and tile in the bathrooms. Keeping it simple and consistent.

A huge Thank You! to everyone who weighed in on the hardwood vs carpet debate. We took the numbers very seriously and had some heated debates but carpet won the battle. Mainly because this house is actually really cool all hours of the day (minus these uncharacteristically hot days which made the floors bearable) and I was walking around on the linoleum, day and night, freezing cold. Like, to the bones. I was making tea and wearing slippers like nobody’s business. And wearing fuzzy socks to bed.  Thus, the carpet decision.

As for the rest of the weekend, a lot went down. Specifically branches, grass and weeds. Suckers. They didn’t know what hit them.

A lot of awesome family and friend time was had and a butt load of adorable smushy cuteness from wee mister.

Can’t wait to show the pictures of the exterior progress. What a difference already.
In the meantime, all friends are welcome to stop by for a cup of tea or fresh fruit. Or, if weeding is your thing, I would relish your deft hand as my garden is only halfway done. Sigh.

On the immediate to-do list:

  • Finish unpacking – so that we know where everything is and so that we can hopefully find our internet box, cable box/PVR, and BlueRay DVD player which seem to be MIA currently. We miss having our home Internet and I’m blowing through data like a 15 year old gamer… Actually I don’t even know if that’s a real thing… But I’m blowing through it quickly. So that’s that.  UPDATE !  FOUND IT !!!  It was in the box with Lee’s pants.  Makes sense… hah  All is good in the world again.
  • Clear out the master bedroom entirely – so that Lee can scrape the sparkly stipple off
  • Collect quotes for ceiling re-texturing
  • Find an electrician who can move the light fixtures in the bedrooms so that the ceiling re-texturing can be booked
  • Knock out the wall between our closet and Isaac’s closet
  • Make one giant walk in closet for the master – which means framing and drywalling
  • Book and complete the ceiling texturing
  • Book and complete carpet install

Whoa. Back up, Lisa. I forgot about the following, which actually needs to be done pre-ceilings and carpet installs:

  • Pull up flooring from bedrooms and pull off all baseboard.
  • Remove wallpaper from bedrooms. 😦 Unless I can get help convincing Lee… I desperately want to find a way to somehow keep some of the wallpaper in the one room… maybe I can frame a couple chunks if I don’t damage it whilst removing ?!  Any creative suggestions ?  It’s adorable !

Is it crazy that I aim for this to be done before the 21st of July!? Of this year?!

I think it’s mostly reasonable considering I’m dying a slow, painful, heavily congested death and don’t actually wish to keep myself alive ala Benadryl for forever…

Ah, to be a dreamer. But in my dreams maybe I’m a slave driver?!  I’m hoping that crosses over into real life and we hustle our tushies to get this done.


2 thoughts on “Dear House – I LOVE YOU! mostly…

  1. Awesome – so glad to hear everything is coming together nicely and love the hardwood/carpet samples. #1 and #2 would both get my vote….#1 looks warmer and a little more inviting. As for wallpaper salvage ideas – I saw a bunch of ideas on Pinterest a while back. One of which was using it as matting in photo frames and another was recovering dresser drawer fronts with it (that one I have in my ‘home ideas’ Pinterest board, I think). I’m sure you could find all sorts of trouble to get into with it!

    Looking forward to continuing watch and read up on the developments! (And I laughed at your weeding note. I’m dying here trying to keep up with the weeds at the condo. It’s brutal this year! I think I’d rather work in your yard though – looks so cute with your little man and his mower tootling around!)

    • Mandy ! We need to have you and little mister over for a visit. The boys could play in the pool and sprinkler on a hot day maybe. And we could have a weeding party 😉 just kidding ! I saw the condo weeds… they’re out of control ! Is it time for RoundUp ?! Kill All The Weeds !!
      Thanks for your vote. We’re right along with you for the hardwood/carpet combo #1… it’s warm, not too dark at all. Although I’m picking up another wood sample today just to add to the fun !
      Saved a bunch of wallpaper too. The pretty paper portions came off in perfect strips. Too bad the one room has glue too – so I’m working away on peeling that off. If you’re ever looking for wallpaper for some projects, let me know. I have lots of green stripes, trees, and blue peacocks 🙂

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