Disconnected from the ‘Net

I have a lot of blather that cannot be shared due to limited Internet and dwindling data on my iPhone.
Lo and behold, we have misplaced one (just ONE! Yay!) box, which contains all things necessary for life the hook ups for our internet and TV and PVR shtuff.
I can say that the move went well, we are in our new place (which we have fallen even more in love with), and we’ve started renovating and making selections for flooring amongst some other big impact exterior changes.
Today already brought a ceiling texture quote, a carpet install quote and in a few short hours, a kitchen consult.
So much is happening! Lots of pictures to come.
In the meantime, I hope you are staying cool and enjoying summertime! We melt a little every time we go outside. Thankfully the house is more of a haven than anything as its staying quite cool despite not having AC.
Off to go unearth more boxes in hopes of finding cords and such… I don’t even really know what I’m looking for actually! Wish me luck.

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