One More Sleep!! If I’d Fall Asleep Already…

We take possession of our house in 12 hours or less!!
And I can’t sleep for the life of me. Too excited.
I keep running through the pictures from the listing on my phone. The first and only time I was standing in our house (!) was about a month ago. Otherwise, consider me a house stalker.
I look at the pictures. Lots. I sketch out floor plan ideas. Often. I drive by the house and re-imagine the front exterior. A couple times a week usually. Sometimes I stop, haul Isaac out of his carseat, and we play in the playground one door down. And then we walk the path. And I peek into the backyard. I may or may not have checked in the front window to see if the people who lived there were moved out.
Yeah. I’m borderline stalker. Practically a peeping Tom. I just cannot wait.
And now, tomorrow today, we move in!
We have the day mostly figured out and people are chipping in to help pack the truck or haul things or to watch Isaac. I’ve started planning ahead what cookies I’ll make for our new neighbors. Granted, they may have to wait until I unpack my kitchen…
I’m obviously getting ahead of myself.
You would think this was our first home or something. Not quite. This is house purchase número 4. We are practically old hats at this. And yet, here I am, burning the midnight oil because I’m so flippin’ excited.
So much to look forward to. Playing in the park and the fields by our house. Bonfires with s’mores at night with friends. Projects. Oh, the projects! Walking the paths. Exploring the neighborhood. Having play dates in the massive basement. Guest rooms for out of town friends. Meeting our new neighbors (hopefully they are sorta close to almost as awesome as our condo neighbors!).
The unknown to some is scary. Frightening even. To me, it’s full of opportunity, hope, adventure and excitement.
Explains why I can’t sleep.
That, or the fact that Isaac can’t either. He must know – life is about to get so much cooler!

5 thoughts on “One More Sleep!! If I’d Fall Asleep Already…

  1. Love this edition of your blog. I too am excited for all of you.
    ohhh the transformations to come.
    Can’t wait to see it.
    lov ya

    • Thanks momma 🙂
      Excitement got the better of me and I hardly slept. I’ll have plenty of time for sleeping in the new place once we’re moved in! Somewhere… Between all of the projects 😉

  2. So sad to see such wonderful neighbors leave, but maybe – just maybe – with me only working part time in the Fall (and not being stuck at home with other obligations) perhaps we can try a couple of playdates!?! Was fun having Isaac over this morning, he’s such a sweetheart. Hope the unpacking on the other end goes well! Have FUN!! Can’t wait to see what you guys do with this new place. Your condo renos sure have lit a fire under us…..inspiring!

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