A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

We believe that a big part of life is about celebrating important moments in others lives.

Over the past few days we’ve celebrated. We’ve hugged and cheered and ate and danced (ok, I’ve been dancing… Lee, notsomuch!). We’ve spent time with family and friends and the great outdoors. This season has been full to the brim of exciting moments that fill our hearts and lives with a joy that is hard to surpass.

On Monday last week, it was Emily’s birthday. Self proclaimed girls night as Emily, Marnie, and I met up for dinner to ring in year 27! Dressed up and ready for good eats, Em totally made me jump around and scream and brought me to the brink of tears. Her man had proposed that morning and she wanted to share show off the good news in person!!!


Being friends since we were 3, wedding chatter was a big part of our childhood, teenage years, and adult life. This day had been highly anticipated for many moons and I am so very excited for Emily and Adam.  Congrats lady-loo !

Another big, celebratory event was going to the 2012 Olympic Trials for Track and Field.


And not just going for the heck of it, but going to cheer on my baby sister, Niki, as she chucked the javelin and heaved the shot at shot put.  I wish I had taken more pictures, as I would love to show off her mad skills… alas, you will have to use your imagination.  Think… Hunger Games spear throwing…

It was a semi-emotional day for me… for some unexplained reason I would be near tears watching the events and the athletes competing.  They had been training for this day for a very long time and were putting everything they had on the track, pushing themselves because of the potential pay off – the London Olympics.  Maybe watching the trials took me back to my days of competing.  Maybe it was the pride that I had, watching my little sister compete.  Maybe it was the crowds.

To be honest, I have never been to a track event with so many people cheering on the athletes.  It was amazing to see how many people came out to watch an Olympic calibre competition.  To support Canadian athletes, beyond hockey or football.  Track and field typically doesn’t get a lot of exposure and yet, there were crowds of people – cheering and clapping and encouraging.  I was in awe by the support.

Keep it up, Canada.  These athletes put everything on hold for training as they aim to represent this great country at International events. And I know, being a former athlete, that you being there to watch them compete this weekend, spurs them on.  And makes them even more driven to keep on going.

With that aside, let’s rave a little bit about my cool family. We wore orange shirts at Niki’s request.  As a nod to our Dutch heritage. It also made us easy to spot from her vantage point on the field.  She knew where to look for support.  Isaac even donned orange stripes.  He’s all about supporting his Auntie Niki.  And wearing my sunglasses.  So fashionable.


Niki did so very well.  Especially considering she is a heptathlete and not exactly your typical “thrower”.  But she held her own quite nicely, in fact, placing 5th overall in javelin and 8th overall in shot put.

I can’t even begin to explain how proud my little heart was.  She is an exceptional athlete, woman, friend, sister.  And it is so exciting to see her grow up.  To compete.  To do something she loves.  Her sportmanship is phenomenal – she shakes each and every officials and volunteers hand after her events.  She encourages her fellow competitors.  She takes each up and each down with class and style.  She is a true role model – for kids and adults alike.

Her next step is heading off to Junior Worlds in Barcelona, Spain.  And come fall, she heads to San Diego State University, where she has been given a full-ride track scholarship.  I know I’ll wish I was closer.  Maybe you can swing some family perks with that scholarship Nik 😉

With lots of family time and sports time under our belts, Lee, Isaac and I also managed to squeeze in a birthday party or two.  I helped make cupcakes, along with Kiely and Karissa, who were hosting the coolest Secret Garden themed birthday party I have ever been to. It was a blast party planning alongside those two lovelies and the results were nothing short of fabulous.


All in all, a fun week.  A memorable week.  A week that will go down in the books as special, eventful, joyous.  One for the ages, really.

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