I Couldn’t Have Done It Without You

Moving can be a long, drawn out process. Many times the only thing that makes moving better, besides the end result, of course, is the time spent with others. The people that drop in for an hour or two to help pack. The people that open up space in their homes to store your stuff and bring you boxes. Those of you with encouraging words. The people that show up to help with the cleaning. Or the people that offer to watch your kiddo so that you can accomplish more. The muscle-y men that come by to help haul stuff downstairs. You guys rock ! Seriously. I’m not kidding. I wish I could high five you all and then squeeze you so very tight.

I am thankful for many people. People who may think that their involvement in helping us prepare for our move was minor. What they don’t perhaps realize is that it meant so very much to me.

I was inwardly quite overwhelmed. Something I didn’t even realize until I was laughing about my laziness to my neighbor. I recognized then that I had put on a brave face more than once and would ramble about how everything was going really well. Truth be told, I was struggling to find the motivation to pack more or clean this space. I felt like the day to day work of maintaining a home while parenting my precious little man and being a caring, attentive wife was a lot. Not unbearably difficult. But enough to keep my plate full. So, to add packing and deep cleans was kinda putting me over the top. Something I never expected from myself. Totally not who I am. That’s what I get for burning the candle from both ends I suppose.

I dealt with being overwhelmed by doing the exact opposite of what I should’ve been done, more than once. I would sit. Wallow. Read. Leave the house. Go for walks. Search for boxes. Anything to get me out on the house. Away from having to press on. Totally lame and totally counterproductive. The less I did, the more overwhelmed and stressed I would get.

So, a big BIG HUUUGE thank you to the people who helped, in whatever form. You helped me get out of a funk. Helped me realize that I could do it. You put a fire under my butt and got me motivated. It was easy to make excuses, until you were working alongside me, packing. Or cleaning. Or hanging out with my baby. Your encouraging words kept me from stopping. Your presence gave me the physical energy and charisma to keep on truckin’. My appreciation runs deep. I just wish I had a rock star way of showing it on some grand scale. Cuz you deserve it ! Thank you so very much.

I would be terribly remiss if I didn’t throw a bunch of gracias’ to the hubs who really worked his butt off most nights, spurring on my behind to keep on going. He is a really special, wonderful man, husband and dad and somehow found the perfect balance with his time. Commendable job, sweetheart. As I said the day we got married, and it still rings true today, you are everything I ever wanted and everything I never knew I needed.

Now I look forward to our new place. Move day is a week away today. And I am ready. Ready to unpack and find a place for everything. I am pumped to make it our own. To put our stamp on it. To live outdoors in our yard. To make it our home.

I realize there are many projects to be done there. Ahem – hello orange and green carpets and wallpapered rooms. And cleaning. And unpacking – which can sometimes be worse than packing. But I feel invigorated. Ready for a new challenge. Prepared to start this new chapter in my life. The condo has run its course. We had done a lot in 2.5 years. And it was time to let it go. Time to move on. Time to take on something bigger – spatially and creatively.

Bring it on, new house ! I’m more than ready for you and your impending, grueling neediness. And if I’m not, I suppose it’ll be time to invest in 5 hour energy drinks, Red Bull and Starbucks espresso’s. I have 7 days until I get to say hello. 7 days until I bring my family to you and you become an extension of us. You better be ready, house, you are in for one heck of a ride with us crazy Cysouw’s. We are so ready for you !


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