Homelessness Isn’t So Bad

We moved out of our place on Thursday night. It went pretty good considering a large majority of our belongings were packed and ready. Well, the big stuff. The killer was dealing with the little items and things that we needed to keep with us over the next two weeks.  And of course, I am already kicking myself for not bringing along specific items.  Ugh.  Murphy’s Law, I suppose.

I tried to pack pretending I was going on a holiday… Too bad it totally doesn’t work like that. I had forgotten about my fridge and freezer and everything in there. And things I needed to mail or paperwork to submit. And coupons! A little bit of a scramble at the end of it all but we came out alive and mostly unscathed.

Although the new owners weren’t taking possession until Friday, Lee wanted to have everything moved out the day before. So, we moved out of our place and into our friends basement after putting all of our stuff in storage. They are pretty special people to be willing to open up their home to us and we are ever so grateful. Well, Lee and I are grateful to have a place instead of setting up camp under a local bridge. Isaac on the other hand has not been so impressed.

Granted, he must be so entirely confused. Everything was being packed up from his house and his bed was moved to someone else’s house, set up right next to mom and dad’s bed. Needless to say, he did not sleep well the first night at our temporary home and I was up with him for nearly the entire night. Like, all night. I banked a solid one hour of sleep and that was it.

The next morning, when we went to say goodbye to our old place and mop it, Isaac cried. He was so excited to be home. And as soon as we walked thru the door, the tears wouldn’t stop. Poor baby. I’m thinking he feels a little displaced right now.

I don’t blame him. It isn’t home anymore. It was a bit eery walking through an empty house – completely devoid of all the things that made it our home. It echoed. It was weird.  It was also slightly funny walking around because the spaces seemed so much smaller with all of our stuff out.  Even with all this crap in it, it looked bigger… Go figure.

So now, we are adjusting to living in our good friends basement, trying to not impose, but to enjoy the time spent with friends. Praying that Isaac will start to sleep normally.  And eagerly anticipating our new place.  I am planning a flooring shopping trip(s) sometime this week.  This girl is not going to waste a minute getting bedrooms prepped and set up.  Sleep is a hot commodity around here so the sooner that can be done, the better.  The under eye bags aren’t exactly stylish nor pretty to look at.

One week and a day to go !

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