Dads Rock. The Zoo is Cool. Packing is Not.

The past five days have flown by with an incredible vengeance. A whirlwind of events.  There is so much happening, it’s hard to keep my head from spinning.

Lee returned from Toronto on Friday, so we started Father’s Day a little early and transformed it into a Father’s Weekend instead, celebrating him whenever we could by spending time together as a family.  What can I say, we missed him !!

Big rain clouds were looming- however we took the opportunity to hit up the zoo in hopes that it would be quiet. And lo and behold, best decision ever! It seemed that most people were convinced it would rain, but beams of sunlight made for a really nice visit to the zoo !

We hung out in the new penguin exhibit for quite awhile, walking right in rather than having to wait in line – which apparently can get to around 2 hours!?!? Nutso.

We strolled around to see the giraffes, gorillas, giraffes, hippos, and a bunch of other animals.

I do believe, without question, that Lee and I both were much more fascinated by the animals than Isaac, who had this look on his face the entire time, which seemed to be a mix of amusement and boredom.

Saturday was an extremely productive day of packing and organizing and prepping and delivering and building boxes and putting Isaac in the boxes.

We attempted to capitalize on nap time when we could, running boxes to the garage or the car.  With Isaac running around, a bit overtired from deciding not to really nap, we didn’t accomplish everything in the order we had hoped but made serious progress nonetheless. Next time though – we will try to arrange childcare ahead of time so that we can really go to town packing !  Lesson learned.

Saturday night was an extremely welcome break – spending time with our good friends, Dave and Giselle. Dave is more than just any old friend, he also is our mortgage broker and rocked the entire process with awesome customer service and a stellar rate. (Highly recommended if you need a broker in Calgary, FYI).  I`d like to give high fives all around for the 3.09% fixed rate for 5 years that he got us!  There may or may not have been chest bumps and fist pumps when Lee and I talked about it later.  That means our mortgage payments at the house will be less than our condo !  Holler.

Sunday, the Fathers Day day portion of the Fathers Weekend, started off with an attempt of breakfast in bed for Lee. It ended up being breakfast at the table, but I don`t think he would complain.  Lee was served up with a $50 gift card tucked inside a Canadian Tire flyer, an omelet, strawberries and French-press coffee, topped off with a card that Isaac so thoughtfully made. A pretty good haul, I`d say.

Honestly, time passed me by and Father’s Day arrived out of no where. I found myself wishing I had more gotten Lee`s gifts ahead of time – like 2 months ahead of time. I wanted it to be special and memorable and have crafty gifts and a super thoughtful big gift, but life is a bit crazy right now and that totally didn`t happen.  What did happen was a lot of fun, family time.  I continue to be reminded that it`s the little things that will matter most.  The time spent together rather than lavish, unexpected, fancy-schmancy ordeals.  Not to say that those things are bad… but it doesn`t take away from the special things that were done to celebrate Lee.

Actually, can I take a moment to really thank all the proud papa`s and father figures out there? The love that you have for the children in your lives is so instrumental to how these young, impressionable kiddos grow up. They look up to you with an amazing trust and want to be just like you.

And a special thank you to Lee, my Daddy-Oh, and Senior Cys for being caring, influential, supportive, involved, godly, loving men and daddy’s. Each of these men will shape my children’s lives in immense ways. In different ways. But each have something so special to offer. Thank you. For molding my life, and now, my baby’s life. You are incredibly cherished and we are extremely blessed to be apart of your lives.

In packing news, I do believe I am in shock that we will be out of here in two days.  Our home is turning into a shell of our lives. A blank slate for the new owners to make their own memories.  Every day it is a little emptier.  The main floor is proving to be a great race track for Isaac as he cruises around without fear of tables or other pain-in-the-butt obstacles furniture.

We head to the lawyers today to sign off our sale documents!!  It`s going to be officially official today !  Which means that Thursday night we impose upon move into our friends’ basement for 13 days because we`ll be homeless.  We are incredibly thankful for Craig and Kiely for opening their home to us crazy folks.

We are incredibly excited for what is to come in the next two weeks. A new home in 14 days! A fresh start. A time to plan and prepare for renovations. In fact, a kitchen planning appointment has already been scheduled, lawn maintenance booked (thanks to a wicked Dealfind coupon), and various trusted industry professionals scheduled to provide insight on floor planning.

The first few weeks in the new place, I`m sure, will prove to be hectic and chaotic in a flurry to unpack and start renovating. But we can’t wait to have friends and family alike come over. The door will always be open. As long as you promise not to judge if things aren’t quite where they should be, mmmkay.


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