The Rain Won’t Get the Best of Us

Wednesday was one of those crummy, rainy days where staying inside feels like a chore (probably because I’m way behind on my packing) and going out seems ridiculous amidst the rain.

But venture out we did! Not far and not for long. But we left the building to experience the neighborhood farmers market.

Can I take a brief minute to rejoice over the fact that Calgary has multiple farmers markets going on on any given day!? And that fresh, local food can be found for a respectable price at said markets! Hurray for the rise in supporting local farmers and entrepreneurs selling random goods.

And another hurray for the incredibly varied demographic of people who go to farmers markets. It makes for some extremely entertaining people watching.

The rain didn’t stop us from … marveling … at the vocals of the fresh fish vendor/Elvis impersonator though. Man, was he ever talented passionate. Apparently he is coming back next week in full Elvis gear. I’ll probably return next Wednesday for that alone! Epic.

Actually, I don’t know what part was better. His singing or the fact that his music was playing via discman. Do you remember those things?! That takes me back to 1996 in a hurry.

I had desperately wanted a discman – I desperately wanted to fit in with my speed skating peers on bus road trips, who rocked out to whatever music they wanted to at any given moment.  Way cooler than my walkman.

Awhile down the road, a brand new electric blue, see-thru, AWESOME discman was owned by moi.  I can’t recall whether it was a gift from mom or dad or if I had to buy it… but those aren’t the important details.

The standout hilarious detail of desperately wanting a discman at this time was that I didn’t own a single CD. Not a one in our entire household actually.  Rendering it completely useless until I saved up enough money to buy my very own CD. We had plenty of mixed cassette tapes that had been painstakingly made via taping our favourite songs as they played on the radio. But, no CD’s.  We were behind on the trends, ok.

Never having bought music before also made for a rather interesting CD buying trip.  It was a completely foreign world as I stood aimlessly in front of the rows of CD’s.  For close to two hours actually.  The saleslady was trying to guide me but I was so, SO lost.  I truly had no idea what to buy – it was a big deal buying my first CD.  And they cost a lot of hard earned babysitting money, so it wasn’t something I took lightly.  Although, to this day, I couldn’t tell you what I ended up buying.  The experience was memorable… but the actual CD purchased… foggy details.

ANYWAY !  Back to the Farmers Market.

We actually bought fish from the Elvis impersonator/side-job-as-a-fish-salesman.  And then some cherry tomato plants for the new house, a pack of Columbian chorizo sausage, red pepper hummus dip … and a meatloaf marinara sandwich from a food truck called BLAM!Wich.

This was my very first encounter with a food truck.  Shocking, right !?  (I did say we were behind on all things trendy – this is no different).  Thankfully, due to the rain, not only did Isaac and I not have to wait in line in the rain, but we also were invited inside while they made our sandwich.  If you look closely, you can see the inner workings of a food truck.  And the two food trucker-folks in the background.  Isaac obviously cared very little, although I know he appreciated the hunk of ham the gal gave him.  So serious.

This weird food truck obsession is Lee’s fault.

Lee likes to watch the Food Network.  And there is a program called Eat St. that we both marvel at.  I even downloaded the local Food Truck app despite never seeing, nor having eaten from a food truck in real life.  So color me mildly excited when I saw that there was a food truck parked at my neighborhood Farmers Market !  What are the chances !? I actually tried to talk myself out of buying anything – particularly because I had just bought Columbian chorizo sausage – meant for dinner.  But I totally couldn’t say no to my very first potential food truck eating opportunity.

It was so good, I tweeted about it.  Twice.  Both times with pictures.  I rarely tweet on Twitter, but when I do, it’s usually about food.

We took it home to eat out of the rain.  Isaac devoured it.  I managed a few bits here and there when I could – but this was truly one of the first times where that kid has thrown a mini hissy fit because I wasn’t shoveling the food in his mouth fast enough.  That tells you right there, this stuff is delish !

A switch was very recently flipped for him, like, last week – where food has became alive and he ferociously attacks and devours whatever is in front of his face.  Thus begins the chapter of life where my fridge and my bank account will always be empty due to a ravenous child.  After a months of trying to feed him solids, ta-da !  I blame it all on teething.  He popped out his second molar and that’s when the food fun began.

Now, not to jump around from topic to topic or anything (can you tell I’ve been inside a lot, cabin-fevered, talking to myself way too much because Lee has been in Toronto for work while I’m stuck at home to pack… ugh) BUT I have been contemplating whether carpet or hardwood would be better in the master bedroom of our next house.  I’m honestly torn and can’t decide what would be better.  We are definitely putting carpet in the other two bedrooms… but should the master be special ?  I like the warmth of carpet but the ooh-ahh gleaminess of hardwood.  What do you think ?

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