Flat Jogging Stroller Tires = Pain Pain Pain

I went for a run yesterday with Isaac.

Well, I “ran” and he relaxed as I pushed him along the river.  He ooh’d and aah’d at the dogs as I ugh’d and oomph’d. He eventually fell asleep while I wished I could lay in the grass and konk out.


I suppose had I filled the jogging stroller’s tires with air, things would’ve gone a bit better.  I haven’t huffed and puffed like that in ages.  Because, let’s be honest, I haven’t worked out in awhile.  Like, a really long time, for me at least.

I hit up the gym last in early March, right around 3 months ago.  Isaac was catching a cold nearly every week after being in the child-minding program while I worked out.  Sick enough that we couldn’t go for a couple of days and then, once he was on the mend, he would catch something else.  It started not being worth it to go anymore and I needed to take his health into consideration.  He had been sneezing, coughing, snotty, etc. for over 2 months straight so we decided it was time for me to take a break.

It ended up being good timing for Lee and I to do a detox as it wasn’t suggested to work out while completing this particular detox.  And over the last three months, my mind has been blown.

I was a former athlete.  I speed skated for 11 years and ran track as a sprinter for 10 years.  I ate a lot of carbs on a daily basis to maintain my energy levels (and because carbs are so dang delicious).  And when I stopped training and competing and started working out for fun, I should’ve adjusted my eating habits somewhat.  But I loooved carbs – so I just worked out more to attempt to balance things out.  Apparently that’s really not how it should work.

Over the last few months, Lee and I both have lost a good chunk of weight.  And it has nothing to do with working out.  We’ve been learning about portion sizes, cleaning up our eating, and timing of when we eat.  Lee has lost about 50 lbs in the last couple months and I’ve lost around 20 lbs.  Hard to imagine that it came down to what we were eating.  The last time I was this small was in high school.  For Lee, before we were married.

I have been able to personally comprehend that weight loss isn’t 90% working out and 10% eating habits – it’s definitely the other way around.  Something I had never grasped before.  But now, I am really missing my work outs.  It feels like something is missing in my life.  Must be those fabulous endorphins that make working out so enjoyable. Thus, the “run” I took yesterday.  It can’t really be considered a full on run.  I mean, I took a break half way thru and played with Isaac in the park.  And I answered a couple phone calls.  But I probably ran in total 3 kms.  Nothing spectacular.  Nothing to really write home about – granted, I am writing about it now… so I guess it is something to write about because it’s a start !  And according to Pinterest and all the motivational pins on there, I am already lapping the people who are sitting on the couch.  And I will have a fabulous 8 pack if I just run, run, run.

I’m ready to start pounding the pavement again – building up my endurance and strength again.

But for today, I’m going to take it easy.   Because my legs are feeling a little like jelly and I still need to add air to the tires of the jogging stroller.  And seriously, I am not going to run with no air in those dang tires.  It was like pushing a full-sized adult – not a wee small slightly larger than average baby.  And I suppose I should probably accomplish some packing… because I 100% slacked off yesterday.  I made awesome excuses.  Like needing to run, getting Isaac and I outdoors to bask in the beautiful sunshine, hanging out with my girl, Emily.  All very worthwhile.  But not being stressed in just over a week when we have to leave should be reason enough to get packing.

Time to turn on HGTV downstairs, music upstairs, tout around my waterbottle and go to town packing up the bathrooms, rolling up the rugs, and packing up non-perishables into accessible boxes that will ultimately hang out on my counter tops until move out day.  Isaac is napping.  I’m pumped.  Albeit, a little unstable on my feet.  But slow and steady will win the packing race.


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