Empty Spaces. Dirty Spaces.

This weekend was busy.

With the pressure of a moving deadline looming (11 days!) we needed to get our tushies in gear and really start packing. Better to be prepared and ahead of the game instead of scrambling last minute, I guess.

Being a bit of a procrastinator, I could come up with a million reasons as to why packing up shouldn’t happen quite yet. I mean, what if we needed that thingy that hasn’t been used in 2.5 years?! That time could be nigh and then what!?

Thankfully, Lee grounds me. He brings reality into our relationship and his matter of fact self quickly ultimately convinced me that we should start packing.
So, we planned out our weekend itinerary of packing. We’d take apart our bed frame, the TV stand, some tables. Take down the art and wrap it up. Clean out and pack up closets. Etc etc.

Then we would transfer everything from our garage into the space we had organized for storage.  All of this would easily be spread out and accomplished over the weekend.  Simple!

Too bad Isaac decided this would be a great time to start cutting a molar. Which ultimately transfers into not sleeping for more than 3 hours at a time at night. And naps were no longer necessary. At least the average 2-3 hour ones. Apparently, 30 – 45 minutes was obviously more than enough to tide him over during the day. Makes sense. Don’t sleep if you’re tired. Or in pain. Or, ever. Not sleeping makes everything feel better when you’re a year old. Baby logic that I will never be able to comprehend and will astound me for the rest of my days.

Thank goodness Lee would still be able to plug away while I tended to our pleasant as punch sleep deprived, pain riddled child.

Oh wait. Nope. No, he couldn’t. Because Lee woke up with a killer migraine. The first in ages. And it rocked him.

I felt bad for me boys. They were both hurting immensely. Although one wanted to sleep it off while the other just wanted to wreck havoc in an effort to numb the pain. Hurray for plans not going to plan!

I knew that, as the other half of the packing extraordinaire team, I would need to step up to the plate. So the natural first step would be to update Facebook as to my plight in life. That was sure to motivate! Step two was to actually do something and to stop being so ridiculous. I could do this!

So I cleaned the kitchen, dining area and living room during a 45 minute nap that was graciously taken by the young lad. And then I attempted to tidy up after him as he tore apart the main floor. Then I just played with him for awhile. Sometimes it’s just easier to jump into the middle of the mess than to stress about keeping it clean.
Checked in on Lee. Made some lunch. Tidied and packed and did laundry and packed and shuffled items and hung out with Isaac. Wrote a couple To Do lists and texted my sisters. Scheduled a sushi dinner date and then played with
Isaac some more.

Productivity at its finest.

But! At least I accomplished some things, right?! The day was more or less a wash though. Lee and I work better as a team. Especially when Isaac sleeps. So we basically lost Saturday. Although a day can hardly be considered a loss when there is sushi in it. We had an early dinner with Tam and Niki at Kinjo. It was everything a girl could wish for on a day where nothing else went as planned. Glorious sushi. Everything sparkles and shines post sushi – so really, Saturday was a great day!  And the cherry on top was the post-sushi drive which just so happened to lead us by our future abode! We are house stalkers like that. Maybe a little over zealous with our moving excitement.

That lit a solid fire under our buttocks to put the pedal to the medal though. And today, accomplishments!

Lee was a machine post-church. He seriously did so much while I worked on consoling our sleep deprived baby. He emptied our entire garage in a matter of a few hours and reorganized everything into our neighbors garage. She had generously offered us the use of her garage considering we don’t have a place to call our own for just under two weeks in between the close date of our current place and possession of the new place.

We parked our car in our garage tonight! The first time ever, in 2.5 years.
Like I said in another post, I’ve been informed that garages aren’t for parking in.  They are for manly projects and storage. So it was my lucky day today. Whoooo.
In other news, my home feels like a cavern. It’s amazing how quickly a place is transformed from a thing of beauty to a space that is not welcoming in the slightest. And I must say, it is rather difficult to want to maintain it from now until move out day.  Ok, let’s be honest.  This place easily resembles a pig sty – especially in comparison to it’s extremely tidied and gleaming condition when it was on the market.  I miss the cleanliness of it.  I do not miss painstakingly cleaning every surface every waking moment.  It’s very freeing letting things slide.  I would hate having OCD – too much work !

Right now, I kinda have that feeling when high school is almost over and summer is so close. And all interest in school flies out the window. That’s how I feel. All I want is to unpack in our new place. And start on projects there.  This place is dead to me.

With that in mind, I started researching the best formulas for removing very, very old wallpaper.  The its-most-definitely-been-glued-on-for-around-41-years kinda wallpaper.  If you have any tried and true formulas or find removing wallpaper to be therapeutic, give me a shout !  Removing the wallpaper is one of the first projects I intend on starting.  Too bad the wallpaper in the one room is in rough shape… I kind of like it.  Don’t tell Lee though.  He’d mock me for ever.  If my memory serves me correctly, it consists of big, BIG floral patterns.  It’s so hot right now.  Oh well.  Down she goes the first week we move in.  Mark my words.

The to-do immediately as soon as possible once we move in plan, if all goes to plan – which it usually doesn’t, but it’s good to have a plan regardless – is to remove the stipple from the ceilings in at least the three main floor bedrooms, remove the wallpaper, baseboards, casings, and flooring.  Then, we will install new carpet, base, case, and paint.  We want to accomplish this quickly so that we can move in to the upstairs bedrooms sooner rather than later.  Ideally, we will all move into the spacious basement and go to town on the bedrooms upstairs.  Then they are done.  Our main concern is getting Isaac settled in as soon as possible.

So that’s plan numero uno.  Of course I have a million other ‘mini projects’ on my mind that I’d like to plug away at ASAP as well.  Mostly yard related.  Like pruning up the massive evergreens to allow for more light to shine thru the beautiful, big windows.  And transplanting some of the plants that are in the garden to make for nicer curb appeal.  And maybe even painting the exterior trim a crisp white – just temporarily – until we decide on a colour palette for outside.

So much to look forward to.  So many lists !  (Ok, I’m actually excited about that… it keeps my thoughts and projects organized).

In the meantime, I suppose I should do the dishes and tend to my wee mister who, again today, is not interested in napping.  Perhaps we shall go outdoors instead of hanging out inside… packing… and cleaning… It’s all overrated when I think about it.  And we only have 11 days before we move away from the river pathway.  So we should be outside, enjoying it.  Right !?

Yup – I think I’ve justified it enough.

Time to head outdoors !

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