Tying Up Loose Ends

There is a butt load of work that needs to happen when selling and buying a house. My days have been mighty full over the last few weeks making sure that we’ve covered all of our bases.

It’s been a whole lot of packing, phone calls and emails to our mortgage broker, realtor, and lawyers. A lot of pre-emptive research for projects that we have planned for when we first move in. A lot of number crunching, storage finding, moving truck booking, utilities canceling kind of week.

Thankfully Isaac has been napping like a champ so I have been having plenty of time during the day to accomplish such things. Lee and I even took a breather yesterday evening to watch an episode of Friday Night Lights. And, I’ve got to say, watching Friday Night Lights with munching on a bowl of popcorn while snuggling up to your honey definitely tops the charts for rest and relax time. Even if it sounds lame, it’s special to us.

I’m a little bit worried about over-extending myself, taking on too much, and burning out during this move. So, sometimes I just don’t feel like doing anything at the end of the day. Even though I know it’ll be such a plus to be that much further ahead.
But seriously, how much paring down can a person do in order to survive two weeks?! I desperately wanted to scrunch my hair to help the curls this morning. But too bad for me, because I’d already packed away most of my hair products. Sad face. I had to resign myself to that fact that my hair would have to appear as though I’d been caught in a flash flood or something. I resembled a half-drowned poodle who was stood in front of a circulating fan. poofy, craaaazy “curls” are my do-of-choice now. Yay.

I’ve never had a baby underfoot while moving and that has definitely changed the dynamic. This will be our 4th house in 6 years – so I know what I’m doing – but it’s different!! Way different! Burning the midnight oil isn’t exactly the smartest thing to do on a daily basis as Isaac and I are running and playing and dancing and singing and throwing balls around during his every waking moment. We have so much fun! But then, when he goes down for a nap, I feel like I’m in a circus act, throwing in a load of laundry, emailing this person, calling these 4 people, folding laundry (ok, maybe this… I hate folding the laundry so it’s not exactly common), making food, tidying up, etc etc.

I balance life poorly perhaps – in that I spend next to no time doing housework or phone calls or emails when Isaac is awake. I just love play time so much. Maybe when the next kid comes along (no, we’re not pregnant) I’ll be forced to be a better house wife. But for right now, I’ll stick with the stay-at-home-mom title and focus of the active mommy role I do enjoy.

Anyway! Today was condition day for our new place, hence all of the aforementioned blather about running around like a crazy person who’d eaten too many Lik-a-Stix. And around 11:47 am, our conditions were met and we sent in the signed waiver for removal of conditions.  Which means… dun dun duuunnnn… that the house is officially sold to US !  Hurrah !  We’re shooting off fireworks from our balcony later tonight to celebrate.

Loose ends are tied.  The crazy amount of man-power required to communicate every possible thing has been exhausted.  Now, we just need to keep packing, packing, packing.  Things are looking pretty bare around here.  But, I’m really happy that we’re being more proactive with packing this time around than any time in the past.  We were kindof procrastinators before… new leaves have turned since becoming parents though.  How responsible !

Anyone else packing ?  Unpacking ?  Loathes packing/unpacking ?  If so, let’s gripe together about the joys of it all 🙂


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