Home Sweet Home

This weekend was full of celebrations.

Lee, Isaac, my sister, Tamara, and I went home to St. Albert on Friday night.  My youngest sister, Niki, was graduating from high school and her commencements and a big graduation dinner were held on Saturday.  Of course, a day in the life of an Oudenaarden also meant squeezing a track meet in between commencements and the dinner.  It was an extreme time crunch – but totally worth it as Niki broke the High School Provincial Javelin record !  It was a beautiful day, celebrating the accomplishments of Niki’s life.  She was radiant all day – very excited about graduating, competing, dressing up – she is such a gorgeous woman.  Agh… I can’t even believe that I’m saying that !  She is so grown up.  Time is flying. Seriously, where is that pause button I keep asking for ?!

On Sunday, we celebrated my parents 30th Anniversary at the lake with a bunch of family members and close friends.  Another hectic day, just getting everything in order.  I was definitely stressed out and a wee bit snappy… I so wanted everything to be perfect.  My semi-type-A self came out in full force.  I blame all this crazy house stuff on me feeling so completely unprepared going into the day.  BUT – it turned out to be absolutely perfect.  Not because of the planning or the décor or even the planning that was done.  It was perfect because my incredible parents were surrounded by close family and friends – people that love, appreciate, and support my parents and their marriage.  The stories that were told really reflected the far-reaching effects that their marriage have had on other peoples’ lives and they deserve to be celebrated way more than they have been.  It is so encouraging and they are such an amazing example for me, for my marriage and as a parent.  I have a lot to learn in life still but I have such fabulous role models.  For that, I am extremely blessed.

It was party time all weekend long.  Oh, and did I mention, we put an offer in on a house ?  A house that we snuck in to see before we took off for the weekend on Friday ?

The house came on the market on Friday.  I forwarded the listing to Lee.  We were both struck by it and desperately wanted to check it out.  But time was also running extremely short.  I called our realtor and sure enough, he could squeeze us in for a showing.  On our way out of town, dragging Tamara along, we went through the house.  Perfection.  Well, in our eyes !  Tam was so shocked that we loved it so much.  It is a complete reno project.  Everything is original about it – minus the furnace and the shingles.  And we see so much potential to make it shine.  The location is fabulous – it backs onto a pathway and plenty o’ green space.  There is a little park steps away that is perfect for Isaac.  There is an oversized double garage – so Lee would definitely have his work space, man space, project space.  I may even get to park the car in there, if I’m lucky.  Apparently garages are more for working in than parking in.  Who knew !?  It is a nice, big bungalow.  Ahhh !!  Such a fabulous structure with highlights not typical of a 1971 home.

We decided while walking thru the home that we wanted to put an offer on it.  Our realtor highly encouraged us to think long and hard about our offer price as it was extremely undervalued and he anticipated a bidding war and competing offers.  Obviously the house was all we talked about on our 3 hour drive.  Our brains going into overload – what we would do first (scrape the stipple ceilings is apparently the decided #1 task), what walls were load-bearing and could be taken down, the new kitchen lay-out.  I got overly excited.  Shocker.  I just really see ourselves there.  Amidst the orange and green carpets, the lino floors, the wallpaper.  I see dreams coming true.

Saturday morning we put in an offer.  4 offers had already come in.  The nerves started.

We prayed – if this was to be our house, things would go thru.  If it wasn’t, there was another house out there for us.

Offers were going to be reviewed at 5 pm.

8 pm came.  Still no word.  We were sitting in Niki’s graduation dinner, anxious.  Keeping an eye on my phone… waiting.  A text came in from our realtor.  7 offers.  The owners were still deliberating.

We had written a clean offer.  We gave them their requested possession date.  We gave a solid purchase price.  Quick turn around for conditions.  And it must’ve worked – because…


We are so excited to call this hidden gem home on July 4th!  I’m looking forward to the adventure of it.  The challenges, which will come from renovating with Isaac running around.  The reveals as we work room by room.  It’ll be wonderful for us crazy, masochistic people who love living in chaos apparently.

Join us on the ride.  We’ll show off more pictures when we move in so you can see exactly what we’re dealing with.  We’ll keep you in the loop with our projects, with our excitement, with our frustrations.  As long as you promise to encourage us – because I’m pretty sure we’re going to need it.

Now, back to bringing the boxes that we’ve packed up today up to the office and getting some much needed shut eye.

18 days and we’re outta here.  But, I’ve gotta say, it’s much easier packing now that we know we’ve got a place we get to call home.

Home Sweet Home, indeed.

5 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Wow – LOVE that back yard and am really excited to see what you do with this place! Hard to believe those orange carpets were ever in fashion. haha! 😉 Congrats again!

  2. Thanks ladies ! We are super excited. And a little nervous because it needs lots of love – but it will be such a transformation in the end.
    @Mandy – what do you mean ? Those colors aren’t in anymore !? 😉 Wait until you see the green room ! haha

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