Not For the Faint of Heart

Parenting and House Hunting.  Two things that require patience, dedication, and persistence.

Isaac just turned one last week.  I probably win the Not Mom of the Year  award for not taking a single picture of the festivities – besides the spread of food.  That’s it.  I feel terrible !  So – if anyone took pictures of Isaac partying it up with his buddies and family, please send them my way.  Actually, if you just have any pictures of any aspect of his birthday, send them my way !  Gracias – times a million.

He is such a joy in our lives – causing moments of awe, plenty of laughs, times where we melt, and then… times where we question whether or not we know what we’re doing.  He definitely has a willful side to him – which I’m sure is reminiscent to my parents.  Lisa, stubborn and willful, you ask ?  It’s shocking, I know, but I gave my folks a run for their money apparently.  And considering Isaac is part me (ah – maybe that’s where the resemblance is, my personality.  He got Lee’s looks and my personality… AHHH!!) we have had to focus attention on re-direction and working on getting him to comprehend the consequences for his actions.  It’s going well.  No real complaints.  Just saying that it will take us being patient, consistent, and dedication to sticking with what we value as important for him to learn.  We are truly blessed with an extremely pleasant child.  He is rarely without a smile on his face and is so very caring.  It’s like he knows when you need a hug or a big cheeseball grin.  He makes me melt.

I value his little life immensely.  He has changed me.  Caused me to slow down.  To appreciate the quiet moments.  I sit on the floor lots – playing with him.  I probably slack off on my housewife-ly duties more than I should.  But I love the time I get to spend with him.  And, considering how fast a year has gone, I will embrace every moment.  This is life and living to me.  Totally fulfilling and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Isaac with his Uncle Jordan

House Hunters Calgary: Cysouw Edition continued last night as we scoured the areas of town that appealed to us.  And then areas that we haven’t been interested in but thought we would give them a chance to win us over.

Lee and I hit up a couple houses with our realtor and booked appointments to see others a bit later in the evening.  We also drove by a bunch that were on our ‘maybe’ list.  More like our compromise list that quickly went to the no pile that seemed to be collecting more and more houses.  But at least we can say with certainty that Lee and I are 100% on the same page for what we’re looking for in a house and a neighborhood. Hurray for unified decision making !!

Especially pumped about our 8 pm viewing of a brand new listing in our favourite neighborhood – we had scoped it out on our drive home from looking at other houses – we started discussing what we would put in as an offer if the interior was as great as the exterior.  We were feeling like it could be the one.  Too bad the seller, who was self-representing herself, didn’t recognize the importance of waiting until all of her booked appointments had gone through the house.  By the time we arrived, she had already received, countered, and accepted an offer.

Our realtor was visibly upset when we pulled up.  He was frustrated.  We were frustrated.  He gave the seller his card in case the conditions weren’t met.  We sat there discouraged.  But, it was entirely obvious that this wasn’t the house for us – unless of course it falls thru.  So, that door was shut.

If only I was so mature about it in the few moments after we found out.  Ha.  I was ticked.  I grunted, groaned, and moaned about it for a good 10 – 30 minutes.  Hi, my name is Lisa and I don’t take well to disappointment.  Or stupid people.  Ok, I’m obviously still working through some of my frustrations…

We spent some time discussing the house we still love and want that we had put the offer on.  The seller was not happy with us and just couldn’t see why he needed to come down in price any more than he already had.  Our offer was formally rejected.  However, we haven’t given up all hope, yet.

Our realtor, who I highly recommend by the way, was going home to work on providing additional information for the seller indicating why we are coming in at the price we are.  And that we will bring our final offer up another 10,000 – which is an entirely reasonable purchase price. And to apologize on our behalf for perhaps entering negotiations on the wrong foot by offering such an extremely low price.  You live and learn, I guess.

He is going to fight for us on this house.  I told him to feel free to pull out the tomahawks and really go to town.

In the meantime, we keep looking.  A house purchase isn’t something to rush into or compromise on the important things we’re looking for.  We (Lee) have resigned ourselves to accept that a three+ car garage(s) may not happen.  But the right house in the right neighborhood at the right price with a reasonable possession date – that’s important.

We look forward to the house that God has for us.  We know that He’ll bring us to it.  That if we don’t get this house, that there is one better suited for us.  And it will come.  We just need to be patient.  It’ll happen.

Otherwise, you can come hang out at our home under the Edworthy bridge.  It’s quite nice in the summertime 😉


2 thoughts on “Not For the Faint of Heart

  1. I love to read your blog. I sure hope you can buy that house. It sounds great. Time is running, good luck.

    • Thanks for reading Helen ! We didn’t get that house, but we submitted an offer on a different one and we got it 🙂 It’ll be good material for the blog as there is a lot of work to be done.

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