Then and Now

We bought our place in August 2009.  A 2-story condo in a 5 unit building just off of the river in Parkdale.

It was outdated but it was in a great location and it mainly just needed a bit of aesthetic TLC. Ok, more than a bit.  But nothing we couldn’t handle.  Some lipstick here, a lot of mascara there, butt implants – you know, the basics.

We had fun injecting our personal tastes into our condo but we wanted to ensure that we stayed classic and neutral at the same time – so as to appeal to future buyers when the time came to list.  Looking back on the pictures and how things looked in progress makes the final product a lot more enjoyable.  See for yourself some of the transformations that our humble abode experienced over the last 2.5 years.

(I will apologize in advance for the picture quality for some of the pictures – iPhone’s don’t do quite the same justice as our Canon – but you get the jist)

Living Room Before

Living Room After

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

Ensuite Before

Ensuite After

Main Bath Before

Main Bath After

What are some of the projects you’ve tackled in the last year or two that make you grin from ear to ear like a nearly crowned spelling bee champion ?

Or are there projects that are sitting on your to-do list but you keep procrastinating completing them ?  We did that for many months… it took some serious planning, budgeting, and many motivational speeches before we took the plunge on most of our projects.

**As an aside, we submitted our offer last night and are still waiting to hear back from the seller.  I think he truly may be mad at us for coming in with such a low-ball offer.  The offer is open until 7 pm tonight… exactly 1 hr and 23 minutes to go.  That or he is extremely inclined to give us a great deal and is just going over the paperwork one more time before sending them back with a big approval written all over it.**

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