Hello’s Are Followed by Goodbye’s. And Vice Versa.

In 2009, we found our place.  We bought it and we started dreaming.  There were red countertops that were lifting.  There was red and white printed tiles with red grout everywhere you looked.  There was hardwood that was cracking and separating – and it was orange-y yellow.  The walls were a mix of pink and mauve – everywhere.  And there was brass.  Lots and lots of brass !  Needless to say, it needed updating.  And we wanted to do it !

In 2009, it was just Lee and I.  We plugged away on little projects here and there.  Painting, changing out the brass knobs, a couple new lights, staining our built in desk, installing walnut floors in the office, decorating and re-decorating.  Then, in the fall of 2010, we got pregnant and the race was on to get the big projects done.  Like, everything in the house that hadn’t been touched.

While pregnant and then with a new baby, we pulled up old hardwood and carpet, and installed hardwood.  We painted more rooms.  We had the countertops changed.  We had new tile installed on the floors and on the walls.  Tile in the entryway, the half bath, the ensuite, the main bath and the kitchen.  We took out furniture.  We brought in different furniture.  Rinse and repeat with art, knick-knacks, frames, pillows, bed spreads, etc.  Then, we re-arranged.  Over and over until things clicked.  Then, we decluttered, got rid of things we didn’t need, organized and packed up whatever wasn’t necessary for the current season.

Then, we put our house up for sale on Kijiji and Craigslist.  We made a bunch of fliers and posted them around the neighborhood.  We held a few Open Houses.  We did showings.  We had a little bit of exposure but we started losing hope that we wouldn’t be able to sell privately.  So, we listed with a realtor.  And the day he listed our home, we received an offer from a couple we had showed our place to privately.  We countered.  Three times.  We settled on a price and conditions.  And, we conditionally sold.  Conditions were removed and it was official – last week on Friday.

That brings us to today.  We have 25 days to find a new place to live.  25 days to pack up everything else.  25 days before we leave the home that our son was brought home to exactly one year ago.  25 days.

My heart doesn’t feel ready to leave.  Too many memories.  So much to be proud of.  But my head is ready.  Ready to embark on a new journey with my little family to a new house that we will make our own.  Ready for more space, more creative outlets, more room to host family and friends. But still… goodbye’s are hard to say.  Especially when they are only 25 days away !

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